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Natural Remedies For Ending A Fever

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Having a fever means the body is fighting against an invader – a bacteria or virus. While you may feel awful during a fever, spiking a fever is a good thing. It means your body is showing its strength or vitality. The higher your fever goes, the more vital you are!


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What Does It Mean To Be Vital?

Vitality is strength. It is an indication of how hard the body fights. Take for example babies and young children – they are the most vital. This why they spike higher fevers than adults – their vitality helps them to fight harder against viruses and other bugs.

Your Body Works Hard For You

No one likes fever. And while fevers are a sign of illness, they're really an indication that something is going right according to a http://www.jleukbio.org/content/90/5/951.abstract
study published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. What is more, fevers actually increases immune defense

If you, come down with fever, the natural approach is to get yourself into bed and ride it out. Stopping a fever with over-the-counter remedies such as Tylenol and Motrin only serves to block the important process of healing. Additionally, over-the-counter medications, while stopping symptoms in the short-term, actually extend the length of illness. Instead, a short liquid fast and complete rest will speed you're your healing.

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Natural Remedies For Ending Fever

  • Stay home when you are sick. – Work, meetings, the gym, school – all of it can wait for a day or two when fever strikes. Continuing with daily activities when there’s fever is a mistake. It also may put others at risk for getting sick. Don't do it. Take the day off and sleep.
  • Fast – You don’t want to feed a fever. Not many people realize this but it is pointless to eat you have a fever. When there is fever, the process of digestion stops so the body can fight its invader. This means, whatever you eat is likely sit like lead in your stomach until the body is ready to digest it. This is why some vomit when there is fever.
  • Drink liquids for as long as the fever lasts. If you feel like you need something more, fresh juices, clear vegetable broth or herbal teas help with healing during this time.
  • Clean Bed, fresh air, warm feet. When there is fever, there is nothing like getting into a freshly made, clean bed with a warm blanket and an open window. The most healing thing you can do for fever is to sleep, take in some fresh air and keep your feet warm.
  • Stay In Silence. In the same way meditation heals you when you are well, silence aids in healing when you have fever. Not only does your body need full physical and physiological rest in order to heal, it requires silence during this time. Stimulation of any kind is enervating to a sick body and can slow down the process of healing. Even our pets know to go off to a quiet place and rest when they’re sick. Avoid television, your computer, cell phone, noise and distractions when you are battling a fever. Let your body do its healing work without interruption.
  • Ensure Your Comfort. A cool alcohol rub, a tepid bath or cool rags on the forehead are other, more traditional ways to help take down fever. Avoid vapor rubs, and other stimulating remedies and trust your body to do its healing work.

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You Want Fever

Generally, there should be more worry when there's illness without fever. This is an indication of lower vitality, and that the organs are not protected and that disease is more serious. Think cancer. This is why hyperthermia, or raising the body's temperature to mimic fever is a useful treatment of some cancers according to cancer.org

Typically, many who go through a fever naturally, instead of blocking it, often come out of it stronger afterward. Fever, while perceived as a bad thing, is the body showing its vital action. It is an indication that the healing processes of your body are hard at work. Knowing what natural measures to take when fever strikes is key in helping your body get back to health.