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Here Is Your Natural Alternative To The Flu Shot

Flu Vaccine Natural Remedy

Mother Nature has got you covered against the flu, provided you live within her laws and add more zinc-rich foods to your diet. This effective and natural flu shot remedy can keep you safe from the flu and colds all year around.


What Not To Do When The Flu Strikes

Flu Vaccination Coverage Has Declined

According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), flu vaccination coverage among adults decreased by 1.9 percentage points for the 2015-16 season compared with the 2014-15 season and preliminary estimates show those numbers are likely to remain flat in the 2017-18 season. For those not willing to get a flu shot, there is a natural flu shot remedy that is equally, if not more effective against the bug.

The One Reason You Get The Flu

There is only one reason you will get the flu. It is not because someone coughed or sneezed on you, but because of a weakened immune system. Your immune system is the gatekeeper of your health. Once you are deficient or run down you become a hotbed for the flu and other diseases.

Proper Diet Is One Major Natural Flu Shot Remedy

When the body doesn’t get what it needs there is illness. The basis of all vitality depends on proper nourishment since diet is the one important way in which you can become deficient.

The body needs sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals to maintain its vitality, particularly vitamin C and Zinc. Jacking up on stimulants like coffee day-in and day-out and working on borrowed energy, as well as having high amounts of refined sugar in the diet, eating fast and/or processed convenience foods, and insufficient amounts of wholesome foods such as fruits and vegetables, are major factors in having a run-down immune system.

A 1973 undisputed study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that refined sugar suppresses the immune system. Coincidentally, this is why the flu is mostly seasonal in the United States since it is in accordance with the fall and winter holidays. It is during these months – October through February, that Americans consume highest amounts of sugar. Other deficiencies come from inadequate sunshine and rest. Over time, this sets the stage for a compromised immune system.

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The Importance of Getting Enough Zinc

It goes without saying that Vitamin C works well to improve immunity, but vitamin C pales a bit in comparison to the immune boosting effects of the mineral Zinc. Unless you are eating large amounts of zinc-rich foods like apricots, red cherries, and pumpkin seeds daily, you’d be hard-pressed to find adequate amounts of zinc in the American diet, or in the soil that these foods are grown in. Sadly, the more pollution and pesticides we encounter in our environment, the more zinc we lose. Therefore, the fruits and vegetables we grow for food no longer contain this essential mineral.

Zinc is a powerful immune booster. It is the difference between getting the flu and not getting it. New research from Ohio State University has shown that zinc-deficiency could lead to excessive inflammation. Zinc interacts with a process that is vital to the fighting infection and by doing so helps balance the immune response.

This study was the first to reveal that zinc effectively ensures that the immune response does not spiral out of control. What is more, the team led by the Ohio State University researchers also found that if there is not enough zinc available at the time of infection, the consequences include excessive inflammation.

Vitamin C and Zinc Also Make A Powerful Duo

In other research published in the Journal of International Medical Research, two preliminary, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials showed that vitamin C plus zinc was significantly more efficient at reducing mucus in the body over 5 days of treatment.

The study found that symptom relief was quicker and the vitamin C with Zinc was well tolerated and was an effective measure, with a good safety profile, against infectious viral disease.

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Natural Flu Shot Remedy Against The Flu

Overhaul your diet to work with your body instead of against it, eliminate refined sugar from the diet, eat more fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C, and zinc, reduce stress and get adequate rest. For additional immune boosting, supplement with a high quality, bioavailable concentrated ionic zinc, to further enhance immune function and prevent the flu.