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More Men Get Psoriasis Than Women And Here Is How To Reverse It

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Men tend to suffer more with psoriasis than do women, according to a new scientific study, but the psoriasis can be cured permanently with natural treatments. Here are several ways psoriasis can be reversed with natural means.


In wanting to know how to cure psoriasis permanently, it is first important to gain a clearer understanding of where the condition originates, who gets it and why.

A Swedish study found that men are more prone to psoriasis than women. The study was limited to patients with moderate to severe psoriasis in need of systemic treatment managed by dermatology specialists.The study included 5,438 people, 59.8% were men and 40.2% were women and observed that women had less severe psoriasis as compared with men. The study also found that women received less (systemic) psoriasis treatment compared with men.

Psoriasis symptoms vary in levels that range from mild to extremely painful. But weight loss may help to improve Psoriasis Symptoms. There are also one hundred different varieties of psoriasis, according to Anthony William, Medical Medium, and symptoms include:

  1. Red patches covered with silvery scales
  2. Dry, cracked skin that may bleed
  3. Itching, burning or soreness
  4. Thickened, pitted or ridged nails
  5. Swollen and stiff joints

Because so little is known about what causes and cures psoriasis says William, immunosuppressive drugs or steroids are the only current medical treatment for psoriasis. However, to cure psoriasis permanently, permanent long-term changes are more effective

Psoriasis Is A Liver Issue

According to the study, women and men get psoriasis for the same reasons. This is because psoriasis stems from the liver, but is not a liver disease.

There are a specific group of toxins that are responsible for psoriasis. William calls these dermatoxins because these toxins rise directly to the skin and injure the derma. This dermatoxin acts like a venom beneath the skin. To protect you, the skin tries to eliminate the toxin and sends it to the skin's surface, where the result is painful red patches.

The liver also houses a pathogen that comes from a bug that consumes and eliminates the heavy metal copper in your liver. The copper in your liver comes from pesticides (and copper) that were inherited from generations past, (ex: your great-grandparents.) This inherited toxic load in your tissues are likely due to exposure to DDT from generations passed, explains William. (In fact, this is why babies have eczema – because heavy metals such as copper in the liver are inherited.)

What's harmful is that the copper load in your body keeps the DDT and other pesticides from degrading. Other outside sources of heavy metal and pesticide exposure, as well as developing a fatty liver from a high protein, high-fat diet, only make psoriasis and inflammation worse.

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The reason why there are different and varying shapes and sizes of red patches from psoriasis is due how much and what variety of DDT is in your liver from the old days. Of course exposures to pesticides, today only add to this toxic load, especially if you’re having your lawn sprayed, or your home exterminated.

Things to do immediately so the liver can recover and clear up psoriasis:

  • Eat a plant-based diet.
  • Eat organic as much as you can or grow organic food.
  • Do not allow spraying of pesticides inside or around your house.
  • Eliminate all processed foods.
  • Eliminate wheat.
  • Drastically lower or eliminate all animal products (meat, dairy) temporarily.
  • Drastically lower fat in the diet so your liver can release copper and pesticides.
  • Significantly minimize grains.
  • No eggs (Eggs will keep psoriasis coming back.)
  • No canola oil.

Again these foods should be removed from the diet temporarily. Once psoriasis is cleared, you may slowly begin bringing back the foods you enjoy and monitor for any further reactions.

One Last Thing: Psoriasis Is Not Autoimmune

According to William, psoriasis is not an autoimmune disease and your body is not attacking itself. To repeat, your body is reacting to a pathogen in the liver caused by a bug eating the copper and eliminating the dermatoxin.

It’s important to note that as psoriasis heals, it will become cyclical. That means it will clear up, then a couple of weeks later it will return, only less – then it will clear up again, and return even less, etc., until it is healed.

Foods you should be eating every day to heal psoriasis

While there are many plant-based foods to enjoy while reversing psoriasis, especially when they’re in season, wild blueberries are highly recommended to eat daily (you can find wild blueberries frozen in your supermarket. Wild blueberries differ from conventional blueberries nutritionally because they are incredibly healing and so powerful that they actually bind onto copper and help remove it from the body.

Pears are also extremely effective in flushing toxins out of the body and reversing psoriasis. Watermelon (with the seeds) is especially helpful for psoriasis sufferers since the seeds are a good source of the mineral zinc, which psoriasis sufferers tend to be deficient in. All lettuces are soothing to the intestinal tract and are helpful in how to cure psoriasis permanently, as well eating high amounts of other beneficial leafy greens such as spinach, kale, arugula, and sprouts. Avocado, sweet potato, all kinds of squash, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and burdock root are immune boosting and essential to reversing psoriasis. It is also very helpful to supplement with a quality ionic zinc since many who have psoriasis are zinc deficient.

As always, work with your Naturopath or holistic nutrition practitioner to discuss eating a plant-based diet, since a plant-based diet is essential to reversing psoriasis and in helping you to learn how to end psoriasis permanently.



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