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Luscious Vegan Cranberry Sauce For Thanksgiving Day And Beyond

Vegan Cranberries Thanksgiving Recipe

Cranberries -- they're not just for Thanksgiving anymore. Like the Macy's balloons, the cranberry makes its debut once a year on Thanksgiving Day, but this amazing fruit needs to be revered for the healing marvel that it is.


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Anti-Aging, Heart Protective and Delicious

The cranberry is an amazing anti-aging healing food. That’s likely due to its high combination of vitamin C, plus beta-carotene. Cranberries are also great at protecting your heart and prevent/heal kidney and urinary tract infections. Those with IBS would also do well to have more cranberries in their life, since cranberries help repopulate and improve gut health.

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We Don’t Eat Nearly Enough Cranberries

Once or twice a year we bust out the cranberries for the holidays. This is likely why we don’t eat enough of them. Cranberries don’t have to make an appearance one time a year on your Thanksgiving table. Cranberries can be enjoyed year around -- they make a great relish. Cranberries are delicious on sandwiches or atop any of your favorite foods. Buy bags of fresh (hopefully organic) cranberries during the thanksgiving season and freeze them to make this luscious vegan cranberry sauce whenever you desire it.


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1 bag of organic cranberries
1 cup of fresh organic orange juice
1 cup of organic coconut sugar
1/4 tsp. grated orange zest for extra flavor, if desired.

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-In a saucepan, combine the coconut sugar with the orange juice.
-Gently heat the orange juice until the coconut sugar is dissolved.
-Add cranberries.
-Cook until on medium/low heat until cranberries are soft and gelatinous.
-Cool and serve.