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Lowering Fat Is Absolutely The Way Out For Diabetics

Low Fat Diets Heal Diabetes

Lowering fat in the diet is the only natural treatment for healing In Type 1 Diabetics and reversing Type 2 Diabetes.


Dramatic improvements in blood sugar levels occur when diabetics eat low fat, high carbohydrate plant-based diets, according to the Journal Diabetes Care. A study revealed that both a low-fat vegan diet and a diet based on ADA guidelines improved glycemic and lipid control in Type 2 Diabetic patients. These improvements were greater with a low-fat vegan diet.

A Vegan, Plant-based Diet Is The Only Natural Treatment For Reversing both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

In the study, individuals with Type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to a low-fat vegan diet or a diet following the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines for 22 weeks. Results showed forty-three percent of the vegan group and twenty-six percent of the ADA group participants had actually reduced their diabetes medications. Overall participants, A1C decreased 0.96 percentage points in the vegan group and 0.56 points in the ADA group.

Despite Study Results, There’s Still Confusion About Low Carbohydrate Diets Versus and High Carbohydrate Diets with Diabetes.

There’s still much confusion over proper diets for diabetics. High protein, low carbohydrate diet recommendations only treat the symptom, not the root cause, especially for Type 1 Diabetics. For example, your practitioner has likely recommended eating high amounts of lean protein, especially eggs. But it’s a little known fact that eggs, which are used to grow the flu vaccine in laboratories, may actually feed viruses in the body, especially the virus that attacks the pancreas and causes Type 1 Diabetes. Also, lean protein, whether it be eggs, chicken, turkey, or fish, contains an appreciable amount of fat.

According to the Center For Disease Control, egg-based manufacturing is the most common way that flu vaccines are made and this process has been used for more than 70 years. Egg-based vaccine manufacturing is used to make both the flu shot (inactivated vaccine) and the nasal spray (live attenuated vaccine.)

Not surprisingly, for Type 2 Diabetics, a diet high in protein is also recommended. The problem with this is the diet recommendation for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, it’s the wrong solution. This is because Type 2 Diabetes is a liver condition, caused by a fatty liver, according to The World Journal Of Gastroenterology, That being said, the minute you break your high protein diet and eat a healthy carb, (ex: an apple or a potato) your blood sugar skyrockets. You can thank fat for causing your insulin resistance to go through the roof.

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High Protein Diets Cause Fatty Liver

Although high protein diets may work in the short-term, what high protein diets are actually doing is masking the insulin resistance that caused the fatty liver problem that led to Type 2 Diabetes in the first place.

Basically, with the high protein diet insulin resistance can be hidden. For example, moment you bring in that perfectly healthy carb, such as fruit, back into your diet, your A1C goes through the roof and the alarm bells ring. Next thing you know your doctor tells you to leave out the healthy carbs. But it’s not actually the healthy carb that’s causing the problem – it’s the liver that’s backed up from too much fat.

Fruit Is Not The Enemy

You needn’t be fearful of sugars in healthy carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables and potatoes, particularly in Type 2 Diabetes because these foods aren’t the problem. The problem is, the liver and pancreas aren’t healing. Here are two easy ways to allow healthy carbs into the diet:

  • Eliminate processed foods from the diet completely. Processed foods are any food that is in a package, a can, a jar, a carton or a box. Processed foods are denatured foods that are usually high in refined sugar and often times, high fructose corn syrup, which cause the blood sugar to spike for prolonged periods of time.
  • Lower the fat. Instead of raising the protein in your diet, you must lower it to get the liver out of stagnancy, especially to reverse Type 2 diabetes. This is the case even if you’re on a high fat plant based diet. Nuts, nut butters, avocado and coconut meats need to be lowered if you’re plant-based or vegan. When testing blood glucose in both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes high fat foods -- even plant-based high fat foods – can make diabetics more insulin resistant.

Fats Max Out the Pancreas

Even with no sugar in the diet, when fat is high in both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, it can max out the pancreas. While the symptoms may not be there and, the A1C may be temporarily normalized by upping the animal protein, you’re unknowingly stressing the pancreas more and more. This accelerates the disease. To bring the pancreas back, and move forward in healing and ultimately reversing diabetes (particularly Type 2) it’s all about lowering the fat.

Going Plant-based Is The Natural Treatment for Healing And It’s Easier Than You Think

Taking on a low fat, plant-based diet is easier than you may think. It’s about lowering that protein first –- this is where the fat is. Once protein in the diet is lowered, slowing begin adding fruits that are low on the glycemic index into the diet as well as more raw leafy greens, which provide protein without the added fat.



It's not hard to see through your agenda. You're a quack. And everybody else: high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate is the diet most associated with good health outcomes.