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If Your Children Are Prone To Strep Throat You Want to Stop Giving Them Eggs Immediately

Strep throat children natural treatment

The incredible edible egg has a deep dark secret -- it's not the healthy food you think it is. Eggs harbor bacteria -- not just salmonella bacteria, but if that's any indication of the egg's harboring abilities, you won't be surprised to find out that eggs boost bacterial strep infections in your child's body. Removing eggs from the diet and strengthening the immune system is an effective and natural strep throat home remedy that helps stop the bacteria's progression to end bothersome strep symptoms for good.


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What Causes Strep Throat?

Streptococcus, or strep, is a common bacteria that is growing more and more resistant to medications each year according to research. In fact, researchers have warned that in becoming antibiotic resistant, the streptococcus bacteria is on its way to becoming the next ‘superbug’, which isn’t good news for those who are continually dealing with it. Fortunately, there is more than one natural strep throat home remedy to keep your children protected from the bacteria's wrath.

There are many strains of Streptococcus. One common illness is strep throat, which is usually followed by fever and a body rash. However, strep doesn't always show itself in this way. Alarmingly, strep strains can affect children, teens, and adults differently.

Strep is contagious, which means it can be transferred from person to person. In fact, many babies can get strep from their parents at birth. About 1 out of every 4 pregnant women carry strep bacteria in the rectum or vagina, which may strengthen or weaken without symptoms depending on immune system strength.

The strep bacteria tends to stay in the body until something is done to remove it. Antibiotics may work initially, but are known to strengthen strep and fuel its reoccurrence. What is more, poor diet as well as a weakened, stressed or run down immune system will allow strep to house-up in the body, creating unwanted symptoms into adulthood such as:

  • cystic acne
  • chronic ear infections
  • tonsillitis
  • migraines
  • tonsil stones
  • sore throats
  • styes
  • sinusitis
  • UTIs/cystitis/bacterial vaginitis/
  • Gut and intestinal issues/IBS/ SIBO

Eggs Feed Streptococcus

Eating dairy is never a good idea for people who have strep, however, the one food strep bacteria highly favors and multiplies in is eggs. Beside eggs being a food that we eat, eggs are the concentrated hormonal makeup of a chicken. That makes them fertile, in a sense, for growth. Science knows this, but you may be surprised to know that bacteria and viruses are often grown in eggs in laboratories. In fact, both strep bacteria and the flu vaccine have been grown with eggs used as the fertile base.

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A quote taken from a report at Penn State Eberly College of Science has said, “An egg has a sterile interior full of cells and all the nutrients those cells would need to grow and thrive. If a tiny hole is carefully made in the egg and virus is injected, it will infect and multiply quite nicely inside the egg. While growing host cells in culture are possible, it's expensive, time-consuming and the volumes available are limited. With eggs, one can keep adding as many eggs as needed to get the volume of virus production necessary. Eggs are a relatively cheap way to go compared to other methods. Most of the flu vaccine made each year is produced from eggs, though much research is being done to get away from egg-based vaccine production. Anyone allergic to eggs has problems with this type of vaccine.”

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Stop Eating Eggs and Strengthen Your Immune System To End Strep

The way to keep strep at bay is to strengthen the immune system. One really important measure to rid your body of strep permanently is to change your diet. The first thing to do to strengthen your immune system is to become familiar with which healing anti-bacterial foods and supplements keep strep at bay. While it may sound simplistic, raw garlic is highly effective against streptococcus, so is taking a tablespoon or two of raw organic honey each day. Both garlic and honey are medicinal foods that are largely anti-bacterial, anti-viral and naturally protective against the strep bacteria. What is more, both boost gut health.

Another food highly effective against streptococcus is bananas. Bananas are anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Eating two to three bananas a day or simply having them in a smoothie or as an ice cream can be very nourishing and healing for your child. Drizzle some raw honey on top to make a bacterial-protecting dessert.

Oregano is another antibacterial powerhouse that stands tough against strep, mostly due to its natural antibiotic properties. Oregano is highly prized for its effects on acne and other symptoms, which we now know are attributed to the strep bacteria. Oil of oregano can be taken for two weeks at a time to ward off bacterial infections without complications.

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Zinc and Vitamin C Don’t Only Fight Off A Cold

We all know the endless benefits of getting enough vitamin C, but have you heard of the importance of the mineral Zinc? Zinc is an immune boosting mineral, not readily available in our daily diet unless of course you’re eating high amounts of pumpkin seeds, seafood, cherries or apricots. If you’re not eating high amounts of these foods, you’re not getting enough natural zinc in your diet. Supplementation with zinc as well as getting lots of natural vitamin C from fresh fruits, and vegetables daily and indefinitely, can help to restore your child’s immune system and rid their body of strep.

Remove eggs from your diet and make other healthful adjustments to defeat stre-related symptoms. Work closely with your practitioner, Naturopath or Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to find ways to incorporate high amounts of nourishing, bacteria-fighting foods such as those high in zinc and vitamin C into you daily diet. Making small but significant changes to your child's daily nutrition will help to boost your their immune system and help greatly to keep your child resistant to strep for good.