I Took This Vegan Wild Food And Dodged A Root Canal

Toothache Lemon Balm Vegan Herb Natural Remedy

Rarely when we are in jolting pain do we trust that a natural remedy would do a better job at stopping a toothache than medication. We have been conditioned to believe that only over-the-counter remedies work, but that may change after hearing this story.


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Ibuprofen and Tylenol (acetaminophen) are two commonly known pain relief medications that block pain for an extended period of time. Historically, this is what we have been told to take by our dentists if tooth pain suddenly strikes or persists, but there’s an under the radar vegan wild food, or herb, that’s more affective for ending nerve pain with amazing healing properties and results, and it's called Lemon Balm

Toothaches Can Strike Without Warning

Being struck by tooth pain while flying at 35,000 is not a surprise you want to get. This happened to me. I had sudden nerve pain on flight from New York to Canada from having a cavity filled the week prior. The pain shot through my face like a rocket.

Stunned, alarmed and armed with only Lemon Balm tincture in my bag, I took a dropper and was both relieved and impressed that the pain was gone instantly. Thankfully, the flight was a short one, and I made it to my destination pain free.

As the hours passed, I kept the lemon balm close for fear that the pain would return but it did not. Preventatively, I took an occasional dropper of Lemon Balm to avoid another jolt.

The Lemon Balm healed held off and recurrence of nerve pain for eight to nine hour intervals with severity lessening to nothing more than a tinge. Obviously concerned about the flight home, I took the lemon balm just to be safe. Again, it worked like a charm. There was zero pain during the flight.


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Lemon Balm Calms The Nerves And Stops Nerve Pain

I saw my dentist the following day. He insisted that something was “going on” with my tooth and that I should have a root canal. I told Doc I had the nerve pain under control. He didn’t believe that an herb could end nerve pain, but my doctor didn’t know the power of Lemon Balm. I left the office, gave it a couple of weeks, continued to take Lemon Balm and kept watch on the tooth. The nerve pain never returned.

Months later, before leaving on a longer, trans-Atlantic flight, I went to the dentist again. To his surprise, the dentist couldn’t find any problems with the affected tooth on x-ray. I had successfully dodged a root canal!

More People Should Know About Lemon Balm For Healing

Lemon Balm has been used since ancient times to calm the heart and the body and is an indispensable natural remedy for calming the nerves. It has a delicate lemony flavor, and is often found as a tincture or tea. Lemon balm can be taken alone, or in combination with other anti-inflammatory foods such as curcumin and ginger. Lemon balm is a highly affective natural remedy against tooth pain, as well as chronic viral and digestive issues.

Lemon balm boosts high levels of antioxidants which substantially increases its ability to heal and work effectively with no side effects. It is safe to take multiple times a day, inexpensive and calming. When choosing Lemon Balm tincture, be sure to use the alcohol-free variety for the very best results.

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