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How To Make Lemon Water For Weight Loss And Natural Healing

lemon water weight loss natural healing

Lemon together with water is a magical combination for weight loss and health. This lemon water weight loss recipe highlights the importance of quality when it comes to both healing and losing weight.


There isn’t any magic in how to make lemon water for weight loss, but there is a correct procedure when it comes to what’s best for your health. Making lemon water for weight loss correctly is truly life changing. Before we get into the logistics of how to make lemon water for weight loss, its important to examine the amazing benefits of lemon water.

Squeezing fresh lemon into your water every day will take your water and your health to new heights. Lemon water is essential for hydrating the cells and cleansing the organs, particularly the liver. What you may or may not realize about water is that generally, water is dead. While that sounds harsh, water, especially water from your tap, is not a natural living thing. It is a treated, stale, sometimes hard or soft thing, and thus, essentially dead.

Lemon Water Turns Dead Water Into Live Water

Ever hear the biblical tale about how Jesus turned water into wine? Lemons are one of many god-given citrus fruits that transform dead water into live water. Tap water contains a mystery of toxic ingredients depending on where you live. Water that you get straight from the tap or even from a water bottle lacks vitality and is essentially deadened by processing. By adding a fresh squeezed lemon to your water, you in effect “liven’ it, enabling its healing ability to be more efficient in the body. The lemon allows the water to do more cleansing by moving the livened water deeper into the tissues and cells, bringing along nutrients you need in order to heal.

Sometimes we may see gimmicky drinks at the supermarket such as Vitamin Water. Since bottle water isn’t regulated, what you’re getting is purified tap water supplemented with synthetic vitamins and minerals, as well as added colorings.

Mother Nature’s little trick for hydrating water is lemons. Lemons are a live food. Lemons are also alkaline in the body, despite what you may have heard about them being an acidic food. Lemons are abundant in Vitamin C & B and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Think of lemon water as the “real vitamin water” since lemon water packs it’s own blend bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

To say a lemon is a loaded fruit is an understatement. In the first study to evaluate the benefits of lemon water published in BMJ journals, researchers found lemon juice stimulates the formation of calcium carbonate released by the pancreas, aiding in alkalization of the blood and urine and neutralizing uric acid in patients with gout.

Not surprisingly, when squeezed into water, lemons are an amazing liver cleanse drink and one of nature’s best-kept liver cleansing secrets. Simply drinking lemon water every morning on an empty stomach has a gentle, yet powerful healing effect on the liver.

Lemon Water Is Incredibly Hydrating

Lemon water is abundantly hydrating and revitalizing down to your very cells. Imagine being able to break up gunk out of your body each morning. This is in effect what lemon water does. It’s a gunk remover. Over time, lemon water helps to remove gunk, i.e., toxins and fat from your liver, freeing up your liver to be the fat burner, vitamin, mineral and glucose storer, and blood filter it’s meant to be.

What is more, lemon helps to clear your skin by cleansing your liver, since the liver is responsible for most skin-related breakouts, such as psoriasis, eczema, cystic acne and even dandruff.

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Lemon water is excellent for weight loss, jacking-up the immune system, alkalinizing the body and controlling high blood pressure. Lemon water is anti-aging, detoxifying, blood purifying, and regulates body temperature. Lemon water is particularly beneficial for the digestive tract relieving constipation, ending nausea, and killing parasites. Lemon water is also health promoting for the vascular and muscular systems.

Lemon Water Relieves Constipation

A little known natural treatment to helping a choking victim is to squeeze lemon into the throat. The reason for this is to lubricate the throat to either bring up the stuck food or help it do move down the esophagus.

In the same way, if you suffer from constipation or IBS with constipation, lemon water is your friend. Lemon water is beneficial to gut health because it’s soothing and lubricating to the digestive tract and it’s anti-inflammatory. IBS suffers with constipation tend to suffer from chronic inflammation of the large intestine and lemon water taken on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning, helps to lubricate and initiate movement of the bowels.

Naturally, keeping things moving in this matter aids in weight loss due to regulating elimination.

How To Make Lemon Water For Weight Loss

You would think a lemon water weight loss recipe wouldn’t be necessary because lemon water is a no-brainer to make, but think again. However, there’s more to preparing a weight loss lemon water recipe than meets the eye.

If you’re wondering how to make lemon water for weight loss, it isn’t any different than making a lemon water liver cleansing drink. That being said, there are levels of quality involved in how to make lemon water. This isn’t about just squeezing a lemon into a glass of tap water – that’s for sure. Here’s the correct way to make lemon water for weight loss, liver cleansing and overall good health.

Ingredients For The Lemon Water Weight Loss Recipe Include:

  • Distilled water
  • Ionic Essential Trace Minerals
  • Organic Lemon
  • Raw organic honey (If serving as warm tea)

Step 1 – Distill water. Countertop distillers come in quite handy when it comes to purifying tap water. Countertop distillers remove fluoride completely from water, while reverse osmosis water filters and other types of water filters do not. It is for this reason alone that a counter top distiller is essential when purifying water.

Step 2 – Re-mineralize distilled water. Ionic essential trace minerals are beneficial. These minerals are positively charged ions that seek out and bind to negatively charged ions and turn it into something totally new and bioavailable.

Step 3 - Squeeze organic lemon wedges into the distilled, re-mineralized water. For obvious reasons organic lemons are not only smaller, and healthier because they’re not doused in wax and insoluble pesticides, they pack bigger flavor than oversized lemons. This makes for a refreshing and hydrating water drink, that isn’t bitter.

Step 4 – Add Raw Organic Honey -- Stir in one to two tablespoons of raw organic honey into your lemon warm, (not hot) lemon water to sweeten it up. Raw organic honey is a probiotic, which further enhances lemon’s positive effect on your digestive tract. Raw organic honey is medicine and not only strengthens the immune system, but stabilizes blood pressure, calm the nerves, purifies the blood, and flushes the kidneys. Raw organic honey stabilizes blood sugar levels instead of raising them.

True hydration doesn’t come from just drinking water. True hydration comes from foods like fruits and vegetables that contain water. This is why lemon and water are a healing and magical combination in both hydrating your body on a deep and cellular level and lubricating both the intestines and bowels for digestive health and weight loss.