How To Eat Vegan At Any Restaurant

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Keeping up a vegan lifestyle can be a challenge, especially when eating at a restaurant. In fact, eating out frequently may be the difference between staying on track with your vegan lifestyle or abandoning it. With more and more restaurants offering vegan options and even those that don't, you can eat in any restaurant and maintain your vegan lifestyle with a few simple strategies.


Tell Your Waiter What You Want

If there’s one upside to eating in a restaurant these days, it’s that many restaurants cater to dietary variations. So if you should find yourself in a restaurant situation, be sure to ask for your food to be prepared the way you want it. Most restaurants will be happy to oblige.

Make The Side Dishes Your Main Dish

Appetizers and side dishes in fine restaurants are usually some of the most delicious vegetable meals available and the portions are just right. Take advantage of them. A great tip for eating vegan in a restaurant is to order your salad as a meal along with one or two of the offered appetizers, instead of ordering a main dish. The cost is around the same and you can eat a vegan meal.


No Fruit For Dessert

You might think having fruit after dinner is a good idea. But to put it bluntly, eating fruit at the end of a meal is a belly buster. This practice is a prime example of improper food combining. Food combining is an essential food principle used to keep digestion running strong as the foundation of good health.In the practice of proper food combining fruit should never follow a meal. Fruit should be a meal preferably eaten first thing in the morning. The reason for this is that fruit needs little to no digestion time. When you eat fruit after dinner the consumed fruit gets backed up behind the main meal, which requires a longer period of digestion (sometimes days). As a result, the fruit remains in the intestine where it putrefies, releasing ammonia, into the blood stream inviting toxins into the blood. It is far better to eat fruit early in the day or when you’re not eating other meals.

Know Your Willpower Is Inspiring Someone Else

Realize that your willpower to eat vegan at a restaurant is not a hindrance. It is an inspiration to others your dining with. When you enter a restaurant, walk into that situation with a vegan mindset. Be thankful of your chosen lifestyle that your body is healing and you are nourished and healthy. No longer will you have a desire to reach for the breadbasket. Sugar and salt cravings will no longer control you and no longer will you walk into a restaurant ruled by your appetite. This is freedom at its very best.

You Can Do This
Maintaining your vegan mindset in restaurants is easier than you think. By ordering two appetizers or two side dishes with a salad, instead of ordering a main dish, will keep your vegan diet on track.