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How To Easily Assemble A Vegan Fruit Breakfast That's Healthier Than The Acai Bowl

vegan berry bowl

In the name of convenience, many vegans try to make their morning routine as efficient as possible: they pre-set their coffee makers, and perhaps grab an energy nut bar on-the-go, believing that we're getting some kind of fiber-rich health benefit. In the end they have made one of the most dehydrating choices to start our day. A faster, more hydrating and nourishing way to start to your day, begins with some of the most healing foods on earth -- fruit.


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Fruit Is The Fastest Food On Earth

There is no denying that fruit is ultimate fast food breakfast. In the search for a quick breakfast, many people think it’s easier to reach for a bagel, pour themselves a bowl of cereal or prepare oatmeal as a quick and “healthy’ breakfast. But often they’re neglecting that none of those meals are portable on-the-go foods, and none of them are easier than peeling a banana or an orange, eating grapes and berries or biting into an apple. Even if you had to take the time to cut up a melon, you could prepare this beforehand and simply pack it to go.

On the days that you feel the urge to pour yourself some cereal or put that extra amount of work into your morning meal a fruit bowl is still a superior option to that cereal or oatmeal. Not only is it bursting with color, it’s loaded with fiber and nutrients that are unprocessed and your body knows what to do with, and it’s quite filling. When all is said and done, you’ve reached your 5-7 fruits-a day quota in one fell swoop.

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Wild Blueberries Are Superior to Acai Berries

This bowl is made with a far more superior berry than the commonly used acai berry or the cultivated blueberry. The wild blueberry is the star of this dish. When it comes to it's healing ability, flavor and antioxidant content, the wild blueberry surpasses both of these in health benefits and nourishment.

How To Assemble A Fruit Bowl In 10 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Add one bag of frozen wild blueberries, 1 banana and 1 date to a high-speed mixer.
Step 2 – Add ¼= ½ cup pure water.
Step 3 – Blend until thickened.
Step 4 – Pour into a bowl.
Step 5 – Sprinkle coconut flakes on one half of the top of the blueberries mixture.
Step 6 – Sprinkle gluten free hemp granola on the other half of the blueberries.
Step 7 – Slice another banana and lay it across the middle.
Step 8 – Place the berry of your choice along side the banana.
Step 9 – Drizzle the top with almond or peanut butter.
Step 10 – Enjoy!