How To Dodge A Prediabetes Diagnosis With This One Natural Treatment

Prediabetes Diagnosis

Dodging prediabetes is easy with this natural treatment. Here is what you can do.


Have you tried everything to lose weight? Does the number on the scale keep going up despite your best dieting efforts? Are you feeling fatigued, hypoglycemic and anxious? Did your blood sugar results come back slightly high? There’s a natural treatment for that – it’s called dodging pre-diabetes.

It should be no surprise that dieting rivals baseball as the country’s national pastime. If dietary recommendations from the less than standard, Standard American Diet has led you toward obesity and a pending diagnosis of diabetes, or prediabetes, there’s a terrible, yet very legitimate, excuse for that.

To put it bluntly, the Standard American Diet is keeping America fat. As a result, obesity remains one of the biggest threats to our national security as well as our health and the health of our children. Millions of Americans are at an increased risk for chronic diseases, such as diabetes, that contribute to more than $147 billion to $210 billion dollars in preventable healthcare spending.

According to The State Of Obesity Statistics report, there’s a stay in national childhood obesity rates. Apparently, the rate at which childhood obesity has risen has tapered off with the rise in obesity among adults is just beginning to slow a bit. While this is progress, obesity rates are still alarmingly higher than they were a generation ago, according to data over the past twenty-five years.

America Is Still The Sickest Nation On Earth

America remains the sickest developed nation on earth, according to a recent report. As is excerpted in EAT! – Empower. Adjust. Triumph! Lose Ridiculous Weight,“ to be American today means to be overfed, undernourished and fatigued. It means disease, a multitude of medical treatments and numerous prescriptions. It means, immobility, chronic illness and even cancer. We are fat -- more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of American adults are obese and spend billions each year on weight-loss programs and products. We are addicted -- research shows that the heaviest Americans have become even heavier the past three decades. We are misinformed.“

Obesity is the cause of many diet-related diseases, especially diabetes. What’s more, while obesity may be a precursor to prediabetes, one certainly doesn’t have to be obese to have a fatty liver -- you only have to eat a diet high in fat, protein and processed foods, as well as some that are conventionally grown and/or contain GMOS to end up with a fatty liver.

A recent groundbreaking, peer- reviewed study published in the journal Nature, found that glyphosate, also known as Roundup, and used on GMO plants, as well as to dry down American wheat, causes fatty liver or (NAFLD) non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – the precursor the prediabetes. The results also showed that Roundup caused an increased incidence in signs of anatomical pathologies, as well as changes in urine suggestive of liver and kidney functional insufficiency.

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Here’s How Fatty Liver Develops

One of the liver’s many functions is to store things. The liver stores, B12, as well as other vitamins and minerals, it stores glucose, breaks down fat to use as an energy source, neutralizes toxins like plastic, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and herbicides.

When the liver becomes ladened with fat from the diet and environmental toxins, and pharmaceuticals, it begins to reject glucose (insulin resistance), which it releases back into the body stressing the pancreas and raising blood sugar levels. It’s this chain of events that precede your practitioner warning you about your pending diagnosis of diabetes.

Prediabetes Should Be Taken Seriously

A diagnosis of prediabetes doesn’t mean you dodged a bullet. In fact, it means the opposite. Prediabetes is the bullet and it’s toward becoming a type 2 diabetes, unless daily habits change.

Frankly, brushing off a prediabetes warning from a doctor is only asking for trouble down the road. While you may feel relieved that you’re not “technically” diabetic, it still remains a concern to be in the early stages of liver disease. If the fatty liver issue isn’t addressed and reversed promptly, there’s more than dealing with type 2 diabetes down the road. You’re also looking at adrenal fatigue and ultimately, heart disease.

Prediabetes Can Be Dodged

Prediabetes is ridiculously easy to reverse and takes less time to heal than type 2 diabetes, which incidentally is also completely reversible since both are primarily liver issues. Simply employ the following natural treatment immediately to dodge prediabetes.

  • Take fat out of the diet regardless of the current trend to eat more fat. For many faced with a prediabetes diagnosis, know this one simple truth: your liver is fat. Even if you’re thin, your liver can be fat and a fat liver cannot properly do its job. Fat comes from dairy, animal protein, processed and fast foods. Plant-based eaters aren’t exempt from removing fat. Cutting back on avocados, nuts, nut butters, tahini and coconut are necessary during this time. But make no mistake; lowering the fat is the only way out for reversing prediabetes and type 2 diabetics naturally.<.li>
  • Lower animal protein – High protein diets can be an antagonist to the digestive tract, especially the liver, and the kidneys over time. The reason you may feel fuller longer on a high protein diet is because protein takes longer in getting through the digestive tract. Therefore, it is far healthier for the digestive tract to absorb and assimilate food, then eliminate it. High protein meals allow food to sit in the digestive tract longer, causing putrefaction, ammonia permeability and gut issues. Further, high protein diets, boast an appreciable amount of fat, even if your go-to foods are chicken, turkey or fish. It is best to cut your fat down by at least thirty percent.
  • Eat a diet high in carbohydrates - Eating more high quality carbohydrates, such as those on a plant-based diet along with lowering fat and significantly cutting back or removing animal protein from the diet has been shown to be the most effective in reversing fatty liver disease and ultimately prediabetes. High carbohydrate diets consisting of high amounts of fruits and vegetables not only provide the brain and muscles with the glucose they need to function optimally, these highly nourishing foods help to restore a fatty liver.
  • Exercise!A 2015 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, concluded that sitting can kill you. The study postulated that prolonged sedentary time was independently associated with poor health outcomes regardless of the level of physical activity. Therefore, staying active versus sedentary has major health benefits. Housework, gardening, walking the dog, taking the stairs, jogging, and doing yoga are all gentle yet constant ways to remain active throughout the day.

Diet-related Diseases Can Be Reversed With Diet!

As much as we would like to think diabetes is genetic, it’s not, according to a new analysis. Where type 1 diabetes is thought to be viral, liver-related diseases such as prediabetes and type 2 diabetes are soley diet-related. The good news is prediabetes and type 2 diabetes can be successfully reversed with this one natural treatment: a change in dietary habits and a good effort toward healing.

If an abrupt change in diet makes you feel a bit sluggish initially, some targeted supplementation might be needed. Work with your functional practitioner, Naturopath or Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to fine tune what natural treatment for reversing prediabetes works for you and make dietary adjustments along the way. By making small adjustments to daily habits and remaining consistent, you can dodge diabetes and make your diagnosis a thing of the past.


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