How To Prevent Norovirus Naturally On Your Next Cruise

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Next to flying, cruising is perhaps the second germiest way to travel. Not only is getting sick while cruising about being in a confined space with others for an extended period of time but with so many people cruising from different parts of the world, it is easier than ever for illness to strike. Getting sick while cruising is extremely inconvenient, but luckily, it can be avoided with some simple and natural proactive immune-boosting strategies.


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Norovirus Is A Vacation Ruiner

Preventing the Norovirus on your next cruise will be the difference between a good vacation and horrible one. If your immune system is compromised, the Norovirus is highly contagious. According to statistics from the Center For Disease Control (CDC), each year on average in the United States, Norovirus causes 19–21 million cases of acute gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach or intestines or both) and leads to 1.7–1.9 million outpatient visits and 400,000 emergency department visits, primarily in young children. Norovirus contributes to about 56,000–71,000 hospitalizations and 570-800 deaths, mostly among young children and the elderly.

You Can Avoid Contracting Norovirus While Cruising

Put down the face mask -- it’s how strong your immune system is that helps you to avoid contracting the Norovirus on your next cruise. In fact, a strong immune system protects you from all disease and it’s important to do all that you can to nourish and protect it.

Boost Your Immune System Before Your Cruise

When it comes to your health on a cruise ship and every day, the best defense is always a good offense. Boosting your immune system is essential to ensuring you avoid contracting the Norovirus on your vacation. This is easy once you understand what factors play into your good health. That being said, it is not enough to pop some vitamin C before your cruise and then wish for the best. Your health involves effort. Strengthening your immune system is weeks in the making. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead.

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1. Your First Priority Should Be Nourishment

Any diet that excludes the necessary vitamin and mineral-rich foods your body needs to thrive will hinder the improvement of your immune system health. Therefore it is helpful to go on a plant-based diet 30 days before your cruise. Eating the proper foods that support your immune system is vital to keeping you illness-free and cruise-ready. This can be done by eliminating high fat, fast and processed foods from your diet. High amounts of animal products such as dairy and meat in the diet are particularly troublesome to your health because they are mucus-causing and because they work to slow your digestive process. This slowing of your digestion can cause constipation and inflammation as well as create an acidic environment in the gut. This acidity causes ammonia toxicity and thickening of the blood. Therefore, your body goes into overdrive working against these poor dietary choices, ultimately weakening your immune system, whereas with a plant-based diet that is rich in nutrients and high fiber can help to relieve some that stress.

2. Reduce Your Immune System Stress

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Eating more fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and more medicinal foods such as ginger, raw organic honey, oregano, onions and garlic every day goes a long way boosting your immune system health. Enjoy more immune-boosting antioxidant foods such as elderberries, grapes, wild blueberries, citrus, apples, dates, and pears daily since these foods are easily digested, ultra high in fiber and keep the digestive tract moving and stress-free.

3. Take Nature's Multivitamin

The majority of U.S. adults—68 percent—take dietary supplements every day, however not all vitamin supplements are created equal. Just like junk foods, junk multivitamins exist. First off, it is a good idea to avoid any multivitamin that has a television commercial. Commercial brand supplements are often supplements with bold claims and small results. To keep costs down and profits up, many commercial supplements contain harmful preservatives and fillers that do not work to improve your immune system health. In fact, they act more as stressors since the body works against them. The same goes for chain stores and pharmacy brand supplements -- avoid them. A better alternative is to take Spirulina daily. Spirulina is nature's multi-vitamin and research has shown spirulina to be a strong defense against disease. This incredibly healing blue-green algae is a powerhouse of nutrients that work to nourish you, helps to maintain iron stores and works to usher harmful heavy metals from your body.

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4. Teas and Tinctures Are Potent Immune Boosters

Herbal teas and tinctures, along with a plant-based diet are a fast and efficient way to boost your immune system before flying. Getting into the habit of having more herbal teas and herbal tinctures such as anti-viral and antibacterial lemon balm, red clover, nettle, and olive leaf, as well as dosing up on some immune-boosting zinc citrate, helps to protect you against harmful bacteria and viral infections such as streptococcus and Norovirus. Choose alcohol-free tinctures, as this helps to maintain potency and choose herbal teas that do not include natural flavors and citric acid, as these are forms of hidden MSG.

5. Oil of Oregano Is Your Friend

It is a little-known secret that oregano has potent antibacterial, antiviral and immune boosting properties that can actually help you to avoid the Norovirus naturally while traveling on a cruise ship. Along with garlic and raw organic honey, oregano is it one of nature’s most potent natural antibiotics. Research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that the antiviral properties of oregano oil and it’s active ingredient -- carvacrol demonstrates the potential as a natural food and sanitizer to control human Norovirus. Therefore, taking two high-quality oil of oregano supplements daily during your cruise can be the difference between avoiding norovirus and suffering with it.

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A Healthy Cruise Experience Always Starts With You

Your immune system is the gatekeeper of your health and should be guarded carefully. Ultimately, your health is all about the ability of your immune system to fight disease. With this in mind, maintaining a strong immune system is the utmost priority before cruising. You can not only ward off any illness but drastically increase your chances of preventing Norovirus if you put your immune health first. Strengthening your immune system is your best and only defense to avoid contracting the Norovirus. Once your immune system is boosted, you safely and effectively protect yourself and those you love against the horrible effects of Norovirus during your travels and beyond.