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Here’s Why Vegans Don’t Eat By The Clock

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Everyone knows someone who looks at the clock at noon and suddenly feels hungry. Maybe they’re not even hungry – but somehow they know, at the stroke of twelve, that it’s time to eat. These folks don’t eat according to their appetite, they eat by the clock and are likely not vegans.


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Vegans Eat Intuitively

The vegan diet lends itself to many things – environmental and animal ethics, health and healing, but most of all, the vegan diet lends itself to intuition. Eating intuitively is perhaps the first, and most important step to becoming a vegan.

Not surprisingly, vegans have done their research. Vegans know the implications of eating animal products. They make the connection that animal products make them feel sluggish, constipated and mucousy and eating more plant-based foods reverses these issues. Vegans know (both intuitively and from research) that eating too much animal foods causes fatty liver. Fatty liver is the underlying cause of other diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes and they see that the way to avoid such diseases is by changing their diet.

Every Vegan Is Individual In Their Needs

When it comes to a vegan diet, intuition and individuality are key in having success with the diet long term. This is generally because everyone has different nutritional needs, even those following a vegan diet. That being said, vegans typically require sustained energy --think of a vegan athlete who would require a higher volume of food than someone who is not training. The same goes for someone doing more brain work, which by the way, uses up to 25% of your daily caloric needs. Vegan can't afford to wait for the clock to strike twelve -- vegans must to eat every couple of hours to give the brain and body the glucose it needs not to become fatigued. Vegans know intuitively that to keep their energy and stamina up that it is necessary replenish the body with quality, bioavailable carbohydrates and to do this frequently.

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Vegans May Feel Full Faster

Sensations of feeling full may also accompany the vegan diet because vegans eat significantly more hydrating foods that also contain mineral salts. Minerals salts such as those found in fruit and leafy greens lessens food cravings and therefore, satisfies your body’s need for it. Fiber also plays a role in feeling satiated since plant-based vegans get more fiber naturally from eating more fruits and vegetables. Not surprisingly, although these foods pack hydrating bulk, they also digest and assimilate more quickly than cooked foods, which also contribute to feelings of satiety.

Vegans Burn Calories Like A Furnace

When your intuition kicks in and you give your body the nourishment it needs, digestion and assimilation of those nutrients will become more efficient. The support of the vegan diet will over time, help your body and organs to work more efficiently. This level of efficiency will also cause you to (intuitively) reach for more meals during the day. This is normal since your body – the muscles, brain, liver and nervous system run on glucose and mineral salts – which come from plant-based foods like fruit and leafy greens. Therefore, you can expect that the calories you take in will burn much like a furnace and you’ll want to eat more frequently. This won’t always happen according to the clock, but according to your activity level and your individual needs.

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Vegans Can Eat All Day

Most vegans can't afford to have a calorie restricting mindset or fear eating certain foods like fruit because “fruit contains too much sugar". Vegans recognize that if they are craving something sweet, it’s because it is what their body needs at the time to function optimally. Therefore, wanting to eat more frequently and less by the clock is for the vegan, an indication of the body's efficiency in digesting food more efficiently and assimilating the nutrients that benefit health. In fact, research has shown that this doesn't not cause weight gain, but rather, helps to keep weight lower.