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Here Is What Your Mother Doesn’t Want For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Gratitude

Don't search for the perfect gift for mother's day. Instead, search for the perfect words. Find out what Mom doesn't want for Mother's day, and what you can do to make her special day worthwhile.


It all begins with a story…

Perhaps the most poignant of all coming-of-age stories ever told begins with this very simple, easily recognized and uncomplicated sentence: “Once there was a tree….and she loved a little boy.”

The classic and very touching story told through nature, entitled The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein, goes on to highlight the journey of a mother and a child -- the endless giving (and taking), the sacrifice, creativity, ingenuity and selfless love put into one life, that must come full circle to truly be understood.

The very existence of this tale highlights two things every mother wants instead of a gift, especially on Mother’s Day – your time, along with a simple and heartfelt "thank you."

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The Best Job Title is “Mom”

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If someone where to offer you the ultimate job, one where you had job security for life, but there was no salary, no vacation time, no benefits, no sick days, no flextime, no disability, no lunch hour or bathroom breaks, lots of heavy lifting, mood management, mandatory all-nighters and not one moment of privacy in the bathroom, would you take the job?

So many women accept this fulfilling yet unrelenting and sometimes thankless job with hope, optimism, grace and dignity, despite the fears and anxiety that plague them every waking moment since conception. Only a mother will take on so great a task with blind hope, trepidation, pride and larger-than-life responsibility without reciprocity or expectation.

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What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

Yet, what secretly means the most to Mom, especially on Mother’s Day, has nothing to do with flowers, plants or chocolate covered strawberries. It has everything to do with a simple and uncomplicated thank you.

For all they do, for all they are, for all they’ll give to see you happy, mothers want nothing more than to feel appreciated on Mother’s Day. The flowers, the trinkets, and the grandeur is far second to the time you take to give back to the one person who has given so much to you.

Your time and your gratitude is all your mother wants for mother’s day. How you deliver that message is up to you. Just know, that in all its simplicity, you will have truly given back to Mom the greatest of all gifts with the breath she gave to you, my saying, thank you.

…. And the tree was very happy.

The End.