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Ex-Smokers Heal Their Lungs By Eating More Apples, Tomatoes And Bananas

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Lung repair after smoking is a major concern for ex-smokers. The healing powers of fruit have often been played down, but a new European study reveals how ex-smokers can heal their lungs by eating more fruits such as tomatoes, apples. and bananas.


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Is Healing Damaged Lungs Possible?

A study published in the European Respiratory Journal showed the remarkable healing properties of fruit on ex-smokers. The fruits used in the study for lung repair after smoking were apples, tomatoes, and bananas.

Researchers looked at the relationship between lung function decline and intake of dietary antioxidants over a 10-year period in adults from three European countries. The paper was part of the Ageing Lungs in European Cohorts study funded by the European Commission and led by Imperial College in London.

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First Task: Assess Lung Function And Diet

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In 2002, adults from three participating countries of the European Community Respiratory Health Survey (ECRHS) answered a questionnaire and underwent spirometry -- a function to diagnose certain types of lung disease, such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema, which were repeated 10 years later. Dietary intake was estimated at the beginning of the study using food frequency questionnaires. Next, associations between annual lung function decline and diet were examined with multivariable analyses using the Simes’ procedure for multiple testing.

Increasing Intake Of Apples, Bananas And Tomatoes for Lung Repair After Smoking

A total of 680 individuals averaged 43.8 – 50.4 years were included in the study. The increase in apple and banana intake was associated with a slower decline in the amount of air a person can forcibly exhale in one second (FEV) and the total amount of air a person can forcibly exhale (FVC), respectively.

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When It Comes To Lung Repair After Smoking, Fruit Heals

Tomato intake was also associated with a slower decline in FVC. Only the association with tomato intake remained statistically significant after the Simes’ multi-testing procedure was performed. The subgroup analyses showed that apple, banana and tomato intake were all associated with a slower decline in FVC in ex-smokers.

Quit Smoking, Then Eat More Fruit

The study concluded that intake of fruits and tomatoes might delay lung function decline in adults, particularly in ex-smokers. For best results, increase your fruit intake to 5-7 fruits daily.