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Eating Honey May Make Vegans Happier

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Vegans are noted for their angry reputation and have been alleged by research to be more prone to depression than their meat-eating counterparts. Given current findings, perhaps vegans may do well to reconsider their position on eating honey.


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Honey Not Considered Vegan

According to the Vegan Society “Honey is made by bees for bees, and their health is sacrificed when it is harvested by humans and does not correlate with The Vegan Society's definition of veganism, which seeks to exclude not just cruelty, but exploitation.”

Honey Has Been Used As a Natural Cure For Centuries

According to recent findings, honey has been used medicinally by humans in prehistoric times, and by the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Mayans, Romans, and Babylonians, who used it both for nutritional purposes and for its healing properties.

Honey is formed from the nectar of flowers by honeybees. It is the only insect-derived natural product that possesses therapeutic, traditional, spiritual, nutritional, and cosmetic value, and is often referred to as “liquid gold.”

In addition to having excellent nutritional value, honey is a good source of physiologically active natural compounds, such as polyphenols and is extremely high in minerals such as calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, chromium, molybdenum, and manganese.

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Honey Has Mood Calming Effects

Raw honey possesses highly therapeutic antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-aging and anticancer properties. According to research, honey has memory-enhancing effects, as well as neuropharmacological activities, such as antianxiety effects, anticonvulsant, and antidepressant activities.

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Honey Is Brain Food

Research suggests that the polyphenol contained in honey can reverse oxidative stress while restoring the cellular antioxidant defense system.

Honey polyphenols are also directly involved in cell changes while reducing neuroinflammation and improving memory. Therefore, the ultimate biochemical impact of honey on specific neurodegenerative should be further evaluated.

“There is strong scientific support for the development of nutraceutical agents as novel neuro-protective therapies, and honey is one such promising nutraceutical antioxidant.“



Hi, 1) Never tell a vegan to eat honey. 2) It is extremely prejudiced to assume vegans are "angry" or "depressed". No publications cited, no evidence. 3) After saying "In addition to having excellent nutritional value" you proceed to describe the food's nutritional value. This is illogical, and suggests that you don't quite understand what nutritional value is. 4) Plant foods are renowned to be rich in polyphenols and micronutrients. Honey has very low amounts of these nutrients. Do you realise how much honey you would have to eat before you see any of the claimed benefits? You will have great antioxidant activity but will have type 3 obesity with no teeth left. The richest source of polyphenols is raw cacao. Other plant foods like hemp seeds, maca powder, spirulina.. These foods, which are superfoods, have micronutrient contents that are truly worth noting. Not honey. 5) Historical evidence is not scientific. To conclude, this article is not scientific at all and relies upon strong prejudices, historical evidence and the omission of actual nutrient makeup of honey, only vaguely describing its makeup (ie saying something has polyphenols means nothing, it is essential to note how much is present in the food).