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Remove Cat And Dog Urine From Carpets And Hardwood Floors Forever

DIY Dog and cat urine removal home remedy Natural

This easy DIY natural dog and cat urine removal home remedy method can eliminate the pet urine smell from your home forever, repelling your pet from ever returning for a repeat performance.


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Pets come with responsibility and piddles. There’s no getting around it. Sooner or later your cat or dog is going to have an “accident” inside the house and the victim will either be a rug or hardwood floor, leaving you to try like crazy to get the stench out. Sadly, once this happens, the urine smell can linger and chances are that lingering scent could attract your dog or cat back to the very same spot creating a negative cycle of urinating in the house. Never fear, there's a dog and cat urine removal home remedy for that!

Through experience you will find that cleaning pet urine is more than just spraying a commercial product on your area rug or hardwood floor and wiping it up. What is more, commercial urine removal products tend to be toxic and can jeopardize both your pets and children’s health. Lastly these products are costly and gimmicky, and are usually of little value in completely ridding your home of the urine scent.

Dog And Cat Urine Removal Home Remedy

Urine is ammonia and ammonia is what attracts your pet back to their forbidden spot. Urine is also highly alkaline, so you’ll want to use something acidic to neutralize the scent. This is where white vinegar comes in very handy. Below is a basic, yet systematic and really inexpensive way to de-neutralize ammonia/urine scent and get rid of it forever, so your pet doesn’t go back to it again. Surprisingly, this can be done naturally with products you likely have lying around the house!

You will need:

  • Baking soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Dawn Soap
  • Cold Water
  • Scrub brush
  • Basin
  • Wet Vac
  • Eucalyptis Essential Oil
  • Cat Attract Litter

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Removing Pet Urine From An Area Rug

  1. Take the basin and place it under the rug, beneath the urine stain.
  2. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the stain (to cover it), then pour a liberal amount of white vinegar onto the stain. This will neutralize the ammonia in the urine. You may see some bubbling during this time – that’s ok.
  3. Allow the vinegar soak into the stain, through the rug and drain into the basin below it. Once the stain has soaked through the stain and the rug, repeat this step and pour vinegar on the urine stain once again, and allow to drain.
  4. After the second round of vinegar soaks through the rug and into the basin below it, drizzle Dawn soap onto a wet scrub brush (soaked in cold water if your rug is made of wool) and gently scrub in a circular motion to remove the urine stain.
  5. When you are satisfied that you have cleaned the stain sufficiently, pour as much cold water over the stain to rinse the vinegar, baking soda and suds out thoroughly, again, allowing it to drip into the basin. You may have to rinse several times until the soap dissipates and you may need to empty the basin occasionally as well.
  6. With a wetvac, draw out the excess moisture from the rug then and allow the rug to dry over night.

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Removing Pet Urine from Hardwood Floors Permanently

Follow steps 1 & 2, allowing the vinegar and baking soda to deneutralize the affected spot on your wood floor. Next, wipe away the residual baking soda with cold water and allow the stained spot to dry thoroughly. Once the stain has dried, gently wipe down the affected spot with eucalyptus essential oil, allowing the oil to soak into the wood floor. Cats particularly hate eucalyptus, which works to repel both your cat and dog from returning to their familiar spot.

Tips for Cat Owners

If you are dealing with a cat, you’ll need to attract the cat back to its litter box. The first thing to do is to close off the area where the cat did her business. Once this area is off limits the cat and no longer attractive smelling to him/her, the cat will head back to the litter box. You want to make this a very pleasant experience, so the continually returns to it’s litter. This sure-fire way to do this is to buy Cat Attract Litter at your local pet store or the powder to sprinkle into your cats litter box. It works immediately at attracting kitty back where she belongs.

Try to have patience with your pet when accidents happen. Accidents are inevitable, but knowing how to fix them permanently takes the stress off both you and your pet – which keeps everyone in the house happy!