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8 Incredible Mindful Eating Hacks To Help You Lose Weight

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Being one with your food has been confirmed by new research to help you lose weight. Thinking about your food makes you want to eat less, no matter what food you desire according to study results.


Apparently if your mind is full your belly will feel full too, according to new research. Eating mindfully – or simply just having gratitude for the food in front of you, and being in the present moment can go a long way in helping you to lose weight, new study from North Carolina State University has shown.

The study allowed people to eat whatever they wanted as long as they only thought about how much they enjoyed their surroundings and basically, appreciated the food they were eating.

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After The Second Bite, The Magic Is Lost.

Imagine having a cheesecake in front of you, and you really love cheesecake. You take one bite, then two and are throughly immersed in the food and your surroundings and you're one with the cheesecake. As a result, by the third bite, according to this study, the love for that cheesecake will wear off because would be thinking less about your hunger and more about your satisfaction.

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“For example, if one of us was going to eat a food that has very high calories, we would tell them to eat one or two bites, but to eat those one or two bites with awareness, so they are getting the most pleasure out of those one to two bites.

“Other research has shown that those first two bites are associated with the most enjoyment – eating more will certainly give you more calories but not more enjoyment.”

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Awareness Makes Your Mind Full

You may often hear the term “mindfulness” during meditation, and in many ways really getting into the food you’re eating is meditative – that is, if you really put the effort into thinking about it. Here are eight mindful hacks that’ll get you to appreciate your next meal, eat it slowly and, with any luck shed some unwanted weight:

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings
  2. Be in the present moment
  3. Eat with a purpose
  4. Eat on purpose
  5. Eat with awareness
  6. Eat without distraction – no television, computers or phones. Eating away from your desk
  7. Savor every bite

Moving away from eating with distractions and toward purposeful eating, led to “mindfulness” according to the study, which did show to decrease weight. What is more, after six months, around 75% of the participants had not regained the weight they lost and some had lost more. The results were similar for the control group, who joined the program themselves.

While "thinking your weight off" hasn't fully been researched, the act of being more in line with what you're eating can never hurt, especially if the choices are more healthful.