7 Best Brain And Muscle Foods For Growing Children

Jul 31 2017 - 10:45am
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Looking for the best food for toddlers brain development and beyond? Put the cereal box away, and discover the six natural foods that will properly fuel your children’s developing brain, muscles and nervous system.


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Is Breakfast Really The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the co-inventor of Kellogg’s corn flakes convinced us that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. He did this solely to sell cereal. As a result current statistics show that 93% percent of Americans believe breakfast is the most important meal and 73% percent of children eat sweetened cereal for one or more breakfasts a week.

While approximately 80% of children in the U.S. eat breakfast daily, the usual fare for children consists largely of foods such as eggs, bacon, bagels, yogurt, muffins, protein shakes, cereal or worse, cereal bars. Customarily, these foods are perceived to be fast and convenient ways that many children start their day. However, none of these foods is adequate alone, or in combination, to benefit your child’s brain. This means, many children are beginning their school day at a nutritional disadvantage.

Understand What The Brain Needs

It is a popular belief that protein helps a child to grow and sustains your child’s appetite and energy level, when the truth is, the muscles, the brain and the nervous system, rely heavily on carbohydrates and a low fat diet.

Therefore, while some protein is beneficial to the body and necessary for growth, kids today eat too much of it. Protein foods should not be the main source of energy for children since protein slows digestion, and cannot provide adequate nutrition on its own to power the brain, maintain the nervous system and develop your child’s growing muscles.

To illustrate, while eggs, as a protein source, may sustain appetite, nutritionally these do not give the brain what it requires to function optimally. In fact, if your child only eats eggs for breakfast, as an example, it is highly likely they will crave sugar later in the day. Bacon is far worse given its high fat content, since fat slows glucose from entering the body’s cells.

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When It Comes To Junk Carbs The Brain Will Take What It Can Get

Because children are have active and busy brains that are taking in the environment around them, as well as growing muscles and a developing nervous system, they require a high amount of carbohydrates from their diet. This is why fruit is best food for toddlers brain development. Otherwise the brain will settle for any form of glucose it can get. This means, if your child is eating junk carbs for breakfast, such as cereal, yogurt, a bagel or muffins, etc., their brain will rely on these as a form of quick glucose. That is not to say this is the best source of carbohydrate for your child’s brain function, but only what is the most available. Just as soon as the carbs are eaten they will be used by the brain and muscles as quick energy, only to result in a sugar crash. This is largely why these foods are referred to as simple sugars.


Fruit Is The Best Food for Toddlers Brain Development

Fruit is the fastest, most nourishing convenience food on earth and there is no question it is the best food for toddlers brain development. The brain prefers the slow release of carbohydrates from fruit, as opposed to junk carbs, to fuel and muscles and the brain as opposed to an overload of protein and fat. Thanks to the fiber content in fruit, the brain does its best work on the slow energy and nourishment from these foods.

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Some brain-boosting fruits to offer your children for breakfast might include:


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