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5 Natural Ways To Heal And Prevent The Flu Fast Without Using Medicine

Flu Natural Treatments

The flu doesn't have a season anymore. In fact, many believe the common cold has had it's day and there are only varying degrees of the flu. Should you come down with symptoms, here is how to cure the flu fast without using medicine.


There was a time the flu had a season. If you had to gauge it by holidays, the flu season usually ran from around Halloween through Valentine’s Day. Bad eating, overload of sugar, excess of alcohol, lack of Vitamin D, the physiological and emotional stress of the holidays and for some, enervation from the winter weather, were all factors in running our bodies down enough to become susceptible to flu.

Times Are Changing

Times have changed. With international travel the way it is, other countries that have active flu seasons when ours are dormant allow a flu epidemic to happen at anytime. Suddenly, you travel home from abroad and you’re down for the count with flu symptoms.

Many wonder how to cure the flu fast without using medicine. But first it's important to understand the flu varies in severity based on your vitality and overall health.There are some people who get the flu and get high fevers and become delirious and there are others who take an over the counter med and go to the gym. In fact, a bad cold with coughing can often be the result of a mild flu -- it’s getting harder and harder to decipher and diagnosis which is which. Many believe the common cold is a thing of the past and that we have mild to severe variations of the flu. Either way, how your body reacts to getting the flu depends on how vital you are.

Be that as it may, there are several ways to become susceptible to the flu, yet there is only one way to prevent the flu, and that involves some lifestyle adjustments.

The One Way To Prevent The Flu

While it’s not easy to hear, Mother Nature has a way of accommodating those who subsist on sugar and fast and processed foods. She accommodates them with disease. Allergies, autoimmune disease, weight gain, chronic fatigue, skin breakouts, asthma, inflammation and cancer, are symptoms. These are attempts by the body to get you to pay attention to your current mode of living and correct it. When Mother Nature’s warnings are ignored, she is relentless and forward. When the root cause of disease is not eliminated, disease progresses often to its end – cancer. (EAT! – Empower. Adjust. Triumph!: Lose Ridiculous Weight)

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When we nourish ourselves and become more mindful of our food choices, particularly by eating more fruit (at least five to seven a day) leafy greens, and we limit fat from dairy and animal protein – and secure adequate rest and lower stress, we become less susceptible to all disease, not only the flu.

That is not to say personal hygiene is not important. Frequent hand washing with soap and warm water, and refraining from touching the face or the eyes too much helps avoid the flu as well.

Natural Treatments To End The Flu Fast Without Using Medicine

In learning how to cure the flu fast without using medicine, there’s very little that needs to be done to end flu symptoms for good. Because the flu is viral, it needs to run its course. The best most effective way to end the flu is to take digestion out of the equation. The body uses the most energy on the process of digestion – not eating during this time will all the body to concentrate more on healing.

Fever comes part and parcel with the flu. While it’s common to try to stop a fever, a natural treatment for dealing with the flu is to allow the fever. How high a fever gets is a sign of your vitality. This is why young children tend to run high fevers and adults tend to run lower fevers. This is also why people who have cancer usually do not run fever. Fever is also not thing to be fear. It is a sign of health -- a curative process; the body raises its temperature to fight an invader, such as the flu virus.

That being said, while some people get crazy over trying to stop a fever it’s generally bad idea. Instead it’s best to monitor a fever and employ natural treatments to allow the body to do its healing work.

No matter what the season, the way to treat the flu is the same. Here is how to cure the flu fast without using medicine:

  • Get into bed. It is important to secure rest without distractions when there’s flu. A warm, clean bed, quiet and sleep are restorative, non-stimulating ways to help the body to heal itself.
  • Liquids only. Not only do you need physical rest when there’s flu. You need physiological rest as well. This will speed up healing time. You want the organs to rest. To repeat, it is not wise to force yourself to eat during this time. Drink plenty of liquids, vegetable broths, herbal teas, freshly juiced fruits will nourish and heal you.
  • Fresh air is an important element when healing the flu. Remember when your grandmother would open windows to “air the house out?” Actually, she was unknowingly doing a good thing. Opening the window avoids stagnancy allowing for you breathe easier.
  • Take Zinc – Zinc is probably the most effective natural treatment. Zinc has been proven in https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3136969/ studies to lessen colds, but what’s more, zinc is antiviral so it helps greatly in knocking back the flu. While zinc lozenges won’t hurt, a more effective way to get zinc is in a concentrated tincture.
  • Remain positive. While it’s hard to be upbeat when you’re feeling so bad, remaining positive has everything to do with healing, according to Norman Cousins, Author of the NY Times Best Seller Head First, Cousins disagreed and reasoned that if stress had somehow contributed to his illness, then positive emotions should would help him feel better. Cousins went on to use his theory with the ill and cancer patients with remarkable results.

Using the above natural treatments is how to cure the flu fast without using medicine. Monitoring your symptoms and working closely with your naturopath or integrative practitioner during illness will help you to fully recover from the flu and in most cases, your body will be stronger for it.