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5 Healing Natural Remedies For Kids That Work

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To many parents, natural remedies are a safe first defense against the scrapes, bruises, viruses and bacterial infections of childhood, instead of over-the-counter products and pharmaceuticals with their sometimes, risky side effects. These natural remedies for wounds that won't heal as well as effective natural preventatives for viral and bacterial infections are useful in helping to treat your children at home.


Home Remedies Are Economical

Many parents use natural remedies as a tried-and-true and less-expensive alternative. And while more and more parents are steering away from pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter products, they are seeking safe and effective natural remedies for wounds that won't heal, as well as to heal their children of common cuts, scrapes and bruises and to avoid viruses, colds and flu more than ever before.

First Aid Remedies Don’t Have To Be Complicated

The reality is, the worries of childhood can sometimes be rougher for parents than children, and while children worry far less than adults about their wellbeing, children do get sick, and do occasionally get hurt. More frequently than not, your children will require simple and natural first aid remedies that encourage healing. Here are some natural remedies for wounds that won't heal, as well as preventatives for viral and bacterial infections:

Colloidal Silver Spray – If there is one spray that works well at killing the bacteria that comes along with cuts scrapes and bruises, it’s colloidal silver spray. Colloidal Silver goes way back as one of the original antibiotics used to heal all ills before penicillin came on the scene. Colloidal silver in a spray works well on cuts and bruises while the silver in liquid form is effective in clearing up pink eye and sties.

Manuka honey – There is nothing else better for cuts, scrapes and bruises than fast healing manuka honey. Generally, honey is an underestimated and potent medicine that can be taken internally or used externally. So forget the antibiotic ointment – if you don’t have colloidal silver available – no worries. Nature has got this covered. Manuka honey is a fact-acting salve, perfect for cuts, scrapes, bruises, animal scratches, healing stitches, blisters and burns. Manuka honey has potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-septic properties, and is so powerful that it is the only thing known to heal MRSA. Use Manuka honey as you would any antibiotic ointment to watch bruises heal virtually overnight. Manuka honey should be a staple in every medicine cabinet, as it has a shelf life of up to twenty years.

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Elderberry syrup – It is no secret that eating berries on a regular basis boosts your child’s immune system. Berries have the highest antioxidant content of all fruit and are an excellent source of protective nutrition for your child when eaten daily. As a wild food, berries are generally an excellent source of B17, but what makes the elderberry special is that just one cup of elderberries can provide up to 500 milligrams of the vitamin, which is a strong preventative against cancer according to research. What is more, elderberries have healing and protective qualities that make it one of the most effective ways to keep your child’s immune system strong and healthy, especially in concentrated amounts.

Echinacea/Goldenseal Throat Spray – If you’re dealing with frequent sore throats or tonsillitis due to low immune function that allows viruses and strep, you’ll need Echinacea/goldenseal throat spray in your medicine cabinet. While the taste may be less than desired, this herbal combo does wonders for knocking back a sore throat fast, while rebooting your child’s health.

Coconut oil – There’s a little known secret about repelling mosquitos many people do not know. Most any oil rubbed onto the skin helps to repel mosquitoes and coconut oil is one of them. Among the many other things coconut oil can be used for, it is also an excellent non-toxic mosquito repellent alone or used with essential oils such as neem and citronella. Rubbing just a bit of coconut oil on exposed skin before heading outdoors is a safe non-toxic way to keep bugs at bay. What is more, coconut oil is a known mild sunscreen, known to have a natural SPF of 4-5, and also contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from harmful radiation from the sun. That being said, nothing substitutes a tee shirt, hat and umbrella on the beach to protect your child from extended periods of sun exposure.

Zinc – When you want an immune strengthening powerhouse in your child’s corner, think zinc. So many of us are deficient in this mineral because it isn’t readily available in our natural diet. Aside from eating lots of apricots, cherries, and pumpkin seeds, supplementing with ionic Zinc daily is great for maintaining immune health and for helping your child avoid colds and flu. Zinc in combination with vitamin C works well to protecting your children’s health and knock back viral and bacterial infections already in progress. What is more, Zinc is most strong at knocking back streptococcus, according to research.

It's Easier Than Ever To Be Prepared

When cuts, bruises, and illness strike, you can be prepared with natural remedies that work double-duty by healing quickly, and helping to restore immune health. Of course diet matters greatly in all healing, so be sure to work closely with your practitioner, Naturopath and holistic nutrition professional to maintain your child's immune strength through a balanced and natural diet.