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5 Easy and Natural Ways To Heal Type 2 Diabetes and The Last One Is My Favorite

Healing diabetes Naturally

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and healing naturally is possible, but in order to cure it you need to act and make certain changes in your life, which includes not only balancing glucose levels, but also being in love.


It’s no secret refined sugar - that nasty processed white stuff and its genetically modified cohort, high fructose corn syrup, continue to wreck havoc on American health. Not surprisingly, a rather sad statistic places the United States first place for the highest sugar consumption in the world, followed closely by Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland. Since an undisputed 1973 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition affirms that sugar is a depressant of the immune system, it shouldn’t be any surprise that disease and treatment rates are higher in the United States than anywhere else in the world. This is especially true for Diabetes according to the International Diabetes Federation, since nearly 30 million Americans (11%) currently have the disease.

By now, mothers, doctors, fitness instructors, social media and even science have drilled the ill effects of sugar into America’s minds. Despite this, the United States still has one of the highest obesity and diabetes rates in the world. We need to cure this and treatment is possible by making natural changes in our lifestyles.

The Balancing Act of Glucose Levels

Many diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes undoubtedly walk an emotional tight rope trying to balance their blood sugar levels. While sugar level fluctuations throughout the day (and night) are bothersome symptoms, Diabetes involves much more than glucose levels, since Diabetes isn’t so much about blood sugar glucose, than it is about insulin resistance caused by a sluggish, fatty liver.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Is Completely Possible

Because the liver is regenerative, fatty liver, the precursor to Type 2 Diabetes can be easily reversed with diet. These simple treatments are focused healing fatty liver disease pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes:

1. Reduce daily intake of fat.

In a world where health trends promote eating fats, it’s easy to be skeptical about lowering dietary fat in healing fatty liver and ultimately Type 2 Diabetes. Eating a high protein diet will do your liver and ultimately your healing, a tremendous disservice. Not only are Type 2 Diabetics missing out on necessary vitamins and minerals that can aid in healing and improve overall health, they are worsening your liver condition while stressing the pancreas and the adrenals. What’s more, eating a high protein diet will ultimately leave you craving sugar, because the brain, muscles and liver require glucose found in fruits and vegetables to function optimally. It’s important to bring in more plant-based foods and monitor how they affect your body closely to determine which foods you can begin to eat more of for healing.

2. Eliminate all processed carbs.

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It is safe to say any food with a shelf life is a processed food. This would include any food that comes in a box, can, carton, bottle or package. If your food sources are housed in any of these containers, feel free to permanently avoid them. Many, if not most processed food ingredients are either grown or dried down with glyphosate, a known probable carcinogen found to cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice according to a recent London study published in the Journal of Nature.

3. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Because diabetes is a liver issue, it has a huge impact on the body’s circulatory system. Smoking constricts blood vessels making circulation difficult, as does alcohol, and both weaken the body’s organs, including the liver. Avoid them.

4. Eliminate soda and artificial sweeteners.

Regular soft drinks contain high fructose corn syrup, which contains fructose (55%) and glucose (45%) making soft drink consumption a major hindrance to reversing fatty liver and ultimately Type 2 Diabetes. Soft drinks are the leading source of added sugar worldwide, and have been linked to obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome according to the World Journal of Gastroenterology

5. Love Your Neighbor.

Whoever said, “Love is a drug” wasn’t kidding. Science confirms that being in love can release dopamine that can either get the heart racing, tie the stomach in knots or release healing oxytocin. Researchers who have been studying love as it pertains to weight loss report that love is so potent a drug in fact, that the love hormone oxytocin was effective in reversing insulin resistance in mice. It even helped with weight loss according to the 2013 study published in the Journal PloS One.

Is Diet Everything When It Comes To Healing Diabetes?

For those afflicted with pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes, diet is everything. Healing is possible in both pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes only when fats are removed from the diet.

Nutritional treatment suggested by doctors entails eating a high protein diet in order to flat-line glucose levels in the bloodstream – and it’s not that your doctor is totally wrong about that. It’s certainly possible to eat a low carb/high protein diet and achieve a temporary blood stabilization result. However, these results will be short lived, once you begin adding sugar and starch back into the diet. Thus, high protein diets are not what the Type 2 diabetic needs for reversal of this disease. In fact, a high protein diet will only serve to accelerate the disease instead of healing it.