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4 Vegan Superfoods That Give You A Better Glow Than Self-Tanner

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Self-tanners were created to project an illusion of good health. Trading in toxic self-tanners and adding 4 vegan superfoods to your diet can transform both your skin and your health. If you are pale in the winter, it’s time to look at the amount of anti-oxidants in your diet.


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Your Skin Is A Reflection Of Your Diet

Ever wonder why Flamingos are pink? You may be thinking, “That’s a strange question,” but it’s relevant. The answer is; flamingos are not born pink. They are born grey. The reason flamingos are pink is because of their diet. Flamingos ingest a natural pink dye called canthaxanthin, which they get from eating brine shrimp and blue-green algae.

In the same way, humans can achieve a year-round healthy glow that looks way better than a self-tan simply by eating more of these antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits that contain beta-carotene.

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Four Foods That Are Better Than Self-Tanner

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1. Spinach - We have known since the days of Popeye that spinach was something special. Spinach is incredibly healing, high in minerals like iron and good source of protective chlorophyll. Spinach is especially healing for the skin as well as an excellent source of beta-carotene and fiber.

2. Carrots -
Carrots, before they became an staple vegetable, were used as medicine. Carrot is highly alkaline, which helps to purify and revitalize the blood. What is more, carrots boost a high beta-carotene content, they help to strengthen the eyes, grow hair and lower blood pressure. Carrots are wonderful eaten raw, or juiced with oranges and ginger.

3. Sweet potatoes - the sweet potato is a low glycemic and highly nourishing food that is also a great calmer of the nervous system. Sweet potatoes are anti-aging and are high in antioxidants like beta-carotene, as well as vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C & E and minerals. The humble sweet potato has been hailed as a potent anti-stress food, known to relax the muscles, ease anxiety, the digestive process and keep the skin glowing.

4. Oranges – If you ever want to feel refreshed, reach for an orange. The orange is a nutrient dense super food that is high in the anti-oxidant beta carotene, as well as high amounts of skin revitalizing vitamin C. Oranges are also a reliable source of lutein, which also helps strengthen the eyes, as well as an excellent source of calcium, foliate and more. Oranges are highly alkaline and healing, and are known as a perfect food for nourishing the human body.

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Your Skin Is An Inside Job

Diet plays a major role in the health and youthfulness of your skin. Your skin is your biggest organ and it’s important to keep it vibrant. Adding oranges, carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes to your daily regimen will not only boost your health, they will support your skin health and provide a natural glow throughout the winter months and beyond that will make self-tanners a thing of the past.