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The 4 Big Supplements Needed To Enhance Your Vegan Diet

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Vegan diets require proper supplementation, or they will not give you the benefits you desire for restoring or maintaining your health. The only reason supplementation is necessary, is not because the vegan diet is deficient, but because most vegans do not take in the proper range of nutrients in one day.


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Going Vegan Shows Character

Deciding to go vegan is a personal choice usually tied into character, ethics and conscience. It is the wish to live sustainably, responsibly and probably as long as possible, without harming animals. However, there’s a correct way to go vegan that will prolong your life and increase your endurance and strength, and there’s the wrong way to go vegan – and this can be the difference between dull and vibrant health.

First, it’s important to eat enough. It is also important to eat frequently and take in a variety of natural (and organic) foods each day. The reason for this is simple: you have to give your body foods that it works with, not against. If you are eating junk and processed foods because they contain no animal products – you’re misinformed about what it means to be vegan. Cereal, energy bars, protein powders – these are unhealthy fillers that the body works against, where whole grains, salads, fresh fruit, juices, smoothies, beans, nuts, potatoes, seeds – these are foods the body works with.

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Secondly, going vegan does require some vital supplementation – not because the diet is deficient, but more likely because of deficiencies from years of improper eating. This cannot be overlooked. The four basic nutrients to bring into your vegan diet are :

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Take a Vegan-Safe B12

Sure, you may have been told to supplement with B12 numerous times, but B12 supplementation is critical if you’re deficient and especially if you're on a vegan diet – and not just any B12, the correct B12. This is a big deal because most people are taking the wrong kind of B12 and missing out on a vital and bioavailable co-enzyme called adenosylcobalamin. Adenosylcobalamin is an active form of B12. Without it, the human body would cease to produce energy at the cellular level. According to health expert Anthony William, NY Times Best Selling Author of Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods, The B-12 blend that contains adenosylcobalamin can help with neurological disorders and diseases, anxiety and panic, and protect the immune system.

According to William “the right supplement is a better choice than B-12 injections. These shots do not contain the right kind of B-12 blend and have the potential to trigger an overreaction in a sensitive body.”

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Take the Correct Omega 3’s

Fish oil is toxic according to William, and not the type of omega-3 supplementation that lends itself to vitality and health. Instead, it is smarter to supplement with a plant-based omega-3 that is bioavailable and contains DHA/EPA’s that are naturally occurring.

Always Include These Two Staple Supplements In Your Diet

In the vegan diet or any other diet, two staple supplements to never ignore are zinc and Spirulina. This reason for this is because most of us are deficient in zinc and iron. That being said, if nature created a bioavailable high iron multivitamin, it would be Spirulina, while zinc acts as the gatekeeper of your immune strength and health.