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3 Essential Oils That Keep Cats Off Furniture Naturally

cats essential oils

There are many essential oil benefits, but did you know one of them is altering the behavior of your cat? If you have had enough of your cat climbing on furniture or counters, you can rest easy knowing there's a natural remedy that will work effectively and safely in keeping your cat at bay. You can control your kitty's behavior naturally and instead lure them to the places you want them be using these essential oils.


Your Cat’s Head Needs To Be Higher Than Yours

No, your cat hasn’t watched “The King And I,” you cat just prefers its head is higher than yours. Cats need to climb and be in high places. Your cat views his surroundings from a different perspective than you do, and they survey their surroundings from a high vantage point. Climbing, jumping, and viewing from above is an instinctual behavior for your cat and likely one you won’t be able to change anytime soon. The downside of this innate behavior is that your cat will likely try to climb on your counters, furniture and yes, even your Christmas tree. One of the many essential oil benefits is to control this instinctive behavior by using your cat's keen sense of smell to keep them at bay safely and naturally.

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Cat owners should accommodate this basic need by providing the resident kitties with high places to hang out on, but it doesn’t have to be your kitchen counter, stove new favorite chair, or Christmas tree. Because your cat has a keen sense of smell, they can be conditioned to avoid off-limit spaces naturally by strategically using essential oil scents they hate.

Lucky for you (and your kitty) essential oils, especially organic oils, are safe. Essential oil benefits include using this non-toxic way to keep your cat from climbing to the places you don't want him to be. Use these three essential oils to deter your cat from your favorite spaces.

Incidentially, should your cat eliminate in your house or on a rug or wood floor, or display spraying behaviors, these oils can be rubbed into those area to prevent your feline from returning to that spot. This in turn, will hopefully defer kitty back to his litter box.

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Here are three oils that cat’s hate. These can be mixed in a small spray bottle and diluted in water. When you’re ready to use the spray bottle, just give the bottle a good shake and mist over the area you don’t want your cat to like. This essential oil mixture is non-toxic, safe on furniture, counters and rugs and serves as an excellent natural deterrent for unwanted cat behavior.

  1. Eucalyptus oil – If there is one scent that keeps your cat across a room, it is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus has a minty scent with a touch of honey that humans love but cats absolutely hate. The smell is reminiscent for many of us of Vicks vapor rub, or Tiger Balm,) which are made from Eucalyptus oil.
  2. Citronella – This oil is not only great for keeping mosquitoes away. Cats wince their whiskers when they get near citronella. While you wouldn’t want to put citronella on your skin, as a scent deterrent it is perfectly safe to use.
  3. Citrus – Cat’s hate the smell of citrus. This is why both lemon and orange essential oils are not your cat’s best friend. You can safely spray or lightly mist these oils diluted in water onto your furniture or on your new favorite chair to avoid kitty from using them as a scratching post.

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If, by the off chance, you should have a kitty who is not deterred by these unfriendly scents, you may safely combine all three oils in a spray bottle for triple strength.

Encourage You Cat To The Places You Approve Of

Just as you can deter your cat from being in forbidden places with these three essential oils, you can also encourage them to use feline-friendly scratching posts for as well as lure them to ‘safe high places’ by using essential oils that are pleasing to them diluted in water for the ready in a small spray bottle.

Essential Oils Cats Love

There are two essential oils that cat’s love. One is catnip, of course, and the other is valerian root. Using one or both of these essential oils in places you want your cat to go will create a positive and pleasing association for them, raising the chances that they’ll return to that spot. What is more, these pleasing feline-friendly scents can safely be misted over kitty’s litter box to decrease litter-box rejecting behaviors.

You Have The Control

What’s great about cats is the can be rerouted if they believe it is on their terms. While cats can often act entitled, using this safe, non-toxic and natural method can give you some measure of control over your cat’s behavior without the cat associating the unpleasant smell with you. In the end you will have cat that uses their keen sense of smell to be in the places you want them to be and away from the places you don’t. What is more, as a cat owner, having this measure of control could be the difference between keeping your cat or, worst-case scenario- having to re-home it behavioral issues.