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3 Astounding Natural And Science-backed Truths For Diabetics Who Want To Heal

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Nature and science are finally coming together to help reverse diabetes permanently. Once you understand these three science-backed truths, you can take the steps to address diabetes naturally and move forward with your life.


I think we all agree that if diabetes were gone tomorrow, there would be a collective sigh of relief. There is so much to this burdensome disease from the sudden diet change, to managing the equipment, braving daily finger pricks and injections and perhaps worst of all, fluctuating blood sugar readings. What is more, the worry that comes along with managing the diabetes and its complications, in and of its self, is enough to throw anyone for a loop.

Perhaps this is what drives people to want to end diabetes and return to their normal lives, despite that they’ve been told they need to be on medication for life. Little by little, the truth is coming out about diabetes reversal in type 2 and even type 1 in certain cases, and so it’s important to know that diabetes can be managed by diet more than you’ve been told. It’s time you knew about what to eat to reverse or, at the very least get a strong-hold on your disease, to halt further damage.

While these claims have been said to be exuberant, outlandish and even too simple, they’ve been backed by science and can only be executed by the unlimited belief that your body can truly heal itself.

Here are three astounding natural truths, backed by science that every diabetic should be aware of:

Truth #1: Type 2 diabetes is a liver issue that affects the pancreas and it is reversible. Type 2 diabetes is not a pancreas disease – at least not initially. In fact, most type 2 diabetics have a fully functioning pancreas, it’s their liver that’s the problem.

We live in a toxic world that burdens our bodies at levels we couldn’t begin to imagine, particularly the liver. Over time, plastics, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and even underlying viral conditions can settle into your liver and slow it. By the time middle age rolls around you may have a roll, or two, that you can’t get rid of around your middle. This is caused by your liver's inability to store glucose. What is more, eating the popular, but wrongly recommended, Ketogenic/high protein diet, makes things worse for your liver since high protein diets are generally quite high in fat. In fact, all animal protein contains an appreciable amount of fat, even fish and chicken. Furthermore, high protein diets use energy to process and often overwork the organs, the digestive tract and your liver, which works to convert fat into an energy source. High protein diets also overwork the kidneys.That being said, this is why the liver is the organ most responsible for the development of type 2 diabetes, and not the pancreas.

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According to a study from Yale University, fatty liver causes type 2 diabetes when it begins kicking back glucose that it is not able to store. This is called insulin resistance. Incidentally, a study published in the journal PLOS, agrees the way out of having a fatty liver and hence, type 2 diabetes, is to substantially lower or remove fat from the diet. Science backs this approach and studies have shown that a plant-based, fat-free diet, can revert type 2 diabetes and even prevent it.

Truth #2: Type 1 diabetes is caused by a virus, it is not an autoimmune disease, and your body is not attacking itself. Type 1 diabetes is a pathogen-based viral condition, and again, not an autoimmune disease according to a study out of Finland. It’s important to know that when it comes down to diabetes, the body isn’t destroying the pancreas. Instead, auto-antibodies are targeting pathogens that are trying to destroy the pancreas– your body is attacking pathogens that come from a virus.

Understanding that type 1 diabetes is viral is essential in helping you to lower the viral load in your body. First, it’s important to understand how viruses work. Every virus needs a host to survive. Viruses eat and they also eliminate. When they eliminate, they eliminate a pathogen. Your body is working for you, not against you—which is why it’s creating auto-antibodies to attack these pathogens and not attacking itself. If the pathogen hasn’t done too much damage to the pancreas, it may be possible to reverse type 1 diabetes, according to Anthony William, Author of Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods. Even if this isn’t the case, and too much damage has been done to the pancreas through time, stopping the viral attack on the pancreas can avoid further damage. Lowering the viral load in your body can be done naturally by eating foods that are anti-viral to eliminate the virus and rejuvenate the pancreas. As always, work with your practitioner, trusted Naturopath or Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to help you. Some things you’ll want to remember in knocking down the viral load in type 1 diabetes are:

  • Refined sugars have to go. This is non-negotiable.
  • Eat more low GI fruits.
  • Load up on leafy greens.
  • Do lower your fat intake drastically, since fat is hard on the pancreas.
  • Avoid eggs, since eggs feed viruses.
  • Avoid dairy. Dairy is the worst sugar of them all, since dairy can max out a pancreas causing type 1 diabetes. That being said, lactose, the sugar in dairy, is no match for refined sugar --in fact it’s far worse, since concentrated lactose attaches onto fat. Dairy also feeds the pathogens that cause type 1 diabetes. In fact, dairy has more sugar than you can possibly imagine.

It’s not so much the high protein foods, than it is the high fat foods that cause major problems in diabetics, which is why it's so important to drastically reduce fat. Instead, you want to eat a plant-based diet that includes foods rich in phytochemicals, such as those in fruits and vegetables to not only starve viruses, but to help restore the pancreas.

Truth # 3: Diabetics needn’t Fear Fruit. Eating more fruit such as wild blueberries, which are a rich source of phytochemicals and have been shown in studies to help improve, and prevent metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Additionally, rose hips have been shown in studies to prevent and reverse high-fat diet-induced obesity and glucose intolerance as well as reduce plasma levels of cholesterol. They're also high in vitamin C.

Not surprisingly, elderberries have an exciting affect on the the body’s ability to process glucose according to a 2000 study published in a Journal of Nutrition, and according to 2010 research, which found that a European elderberry flower extract both increased the body’s output of insulin and the body’s sensitivity to that insulin. What is more, elderberries help reverse pancreatic damage from pathogens.

What It Takes To Heal Yourself

Using antioxidant foods liberally, such as wild blueberries to restore the pancreas, the proper B12 to restore the liver, ionic zinc to slow the viral condition and bacterial damage, and by adding herbs such as lemon balm, oregano, sage, and licorice root tea, which has been shown in a German study to have anti-diabetic properties, as well as hyssup tea, and papaya, will help greatly as a natural treatment in restoring the pancreas.