12 Foods That Reverse Type 2 Diabetes And Do Not Spike Blood Sugar

Feb 27 2017 - 9:43am

Nutrition is the only way to reverse Type 2 diabetes because Type 2 Diabetes is a diet-related disease that affects the liver.

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes With Diet

An astounding 50% of Americans are diabetic, according to the Center for Disease Control. Sadly, diabetes is the seventh cause of death in the United States. Many who are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are told their pancreas isn’t working correctly, causing sugar to build up in the blood stream. This is partially true. They’re also told their pancreas isn’t making enough insulin on its own when in truth, they have full function of the pancreas. Last but not least, they’re told diabetes is incurable. Never once is the liver mentioned in talks of treating this diagnosis.

Insulin resistance has become the center of discussion when diagnosing pre-diabetes, but not when Type 2 diabetes treatments are discussed. Like pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is a diet-related disease that has continued from a pre-diabetes diagnosis. It is not genetic.

Therefore, it only makes sense that liver function, which is the cause of insulin resistance, and in turn, pre-diabetes, is a focus of treatment. Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible when you understand where the focus needs to be for healing. As luck may have it, you are blessed with a regenerative organ called the liver that is willing to work hard to reverse your Type 2 diabetes when given the proper support.

The Cause Of Type 2 Diabetes Is Fatty liver

Your liver has many jobs. Its most important job is to filter your blood before it goes to your heart. A healthy liver will filter and neutralize pathogens as well as toxins from the environment, like pesticides, plastics, and viruses that house there, to purify your blood.

Another of the liver’s main jobs is storage. The liver stores B12, vitamins and glucose or natural sugar in its reserves. It stores glucose from foods like sweet potato, fruit, and raw honey. In fact this is how you stay alive, since your muscles and most importantly, your brain, runs on glucose.

Your liver also desperately needs glucose to help your pancreas. This is another of the liver’s important jobs. These glucose stores are meant to protect you. In fact -- that’s another of the liver’s very important jobs – to project your pancreas. Your liver releases glucose stores to the pancreas as a backup when you don’t eat for a few hours, to protect you from a pancreas crash. This is known as hypoglycemia.

However, when the liver takes in too many toxins, and gets overburdened, protective scar tissue builds up. As a result the liver becomes stagnant and cannot hold glucose anymore, releasing it into the bloodstream, causing your body to store fat and eventually you’re diagnosed with pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes.


Understand your liver starts storing fat to protect you from the buildup of pathogens and toxins, which causes all kinds of problems: The liver stops storing glucose, and also stops storing vitamins and B12 and you begin to see deficiencies.

When the diet is too high in fat the liver produces excessive bile because it can’t handle the toxins and the fat. In time you’ll start seeing problems with the pancreas, the adrenals, and the heart.

You Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes With Nutrition

Research shows Vitamin C and l-lysine work to break up scar tissue that accumulates on the liver. Additionally B12 with the co-enzyme adenosylcobalamin helps to bring the liver back, as well as eating the following liver-boosting foods everyday.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but, didn't you mean at the beginning of your post that diabetes type II affects the pancreas not the liver?
Type 2 diabetes is primarily a liver issue. Type 1 diabetes is a primarily a pancreas issue.
Hi there. Type 2 diabetes is a liver issue that affects the pancreas.
So, all this time we all have been totally misinformed about the problem, it actually being the liver and not the pancreas at all, fascinating. I would definitely love to learn more as myself and fiancee have the disease. We have decided to take control of our health knowing if we don't our days literally could be numbered. Being elderly and dealing with multiple ailments, taking many medications, we are ready for a change. We want to learn as much as we can in hopes of reversing many of our health problems in order to increase quality of life which has become severely limited. One thing in particular that is quite obvious are the multitude of chemicals found in food. Most of these chemicals are disease causing that really should not be for human consumption. I really don't understand how the FDA could put us all, not just the elderly, at such risk. I've chosen a path of more, so to speak, of clean eating and simple preparation. I am a scratch cook by nature and I mostly avoid prepackaged foods, although we do have some in our cupboard. I plan to pursue further research into our different health issues and find the solution to our many problems, naturally. Thank you so much for submitting information that is most helpful! God bless.
Many blessings to you and happy healing!