Women Checking Facebook Before Going to Bathroom


Many people have questioned how addicting is Facebook and many would be surprised by the answer. Facebook, which has 400 million members and growing on a daily basis appears to be quite addicting according to a new poll by Oxygen Media.

Of over 1,600 women surveyed, the poll found that 39% of women admit they are “addicted” to Facebook. The poll found that 34% of women admitted they check their Facebook before even using the bathroom in the morning.


Other interesting facts the poll found was that 20% of women admitted to waking up in the middle of the night to check their Facebook while 26% say that they read text messages in the middle of the night which is why 37% of women have fallen asleep with their mobile device in hand.

It is difficult to sort out which statistic is more disturbing. The fact that 57% of the women stated they talk to people online more than face to face, or that 54% of women do not trust Facebook with their private information, yet they put their most intimate information on it.

Experts suggest if you are addicted to this form of social media that there is help. Admitting there is a problem is the first step. Try to limit the use of this social network can be helpful. You can do this by writing down how much time you spend on Facebook. Give yourself a set time to be on the internet and set up goals. One of the goals is to have face to face social contact with people. It might be the one face to face contact people may need is a therapist who can help you break the addiction.



Helloooo!?! I check my computer before I pee, cause I know that'll keep my visit short...this isn't a sign of addiction, it's a governance! I then go about my morning routine & if I have free/spare time, I go back & take a longer look around.
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