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Move to the Groove Make Over


Rhex and Claire Arboleda’s, “Move to the Groove”, that encourages obese children to get up and move, dance and be active and reduce their obesity in a fun way. This dance program by Rhex and Claire Arboleda, was less like the typical P.E that is conducted in schools and other fitness institutes.

The program includes all kinds of free and awesome moves and beats that could bring about interest in children to create dance steps the way they want, and losing extra weight in the process. The award winning dancing style is helping obese children.

"We estimate that 22 million of the world's children under 5 are overweight or obese," said Mary Bellizzi, an expert with the International Obesity Task Force. Almost 30% of kids eat some type of fast food everyday of the year. If the consumption of fast foods is at such a high rate, it's not surprising if children are at a risk of getting obese. In fact the instances of childhood obesity in US have risen 3 times in the last 30 years.

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Extreme Makeover Home Edition is a reality television series providing home renovations for less fortunate families. The show hosted by Ty Pennington decided to give the Arboleda's a makeover when they discovered that Rhex's own health and wellness, and that of his family, were compromised by the state of the 70-year-old home they live in. The producers were moved that despite their living conditions, the family has provided children with the opportunity to work on obesity,

In a statement, Disney-ABC described Arboleda as one of “Neenah’s hometown heroes”.

“Rhex has distinguished himself by locally leading the movement to banish childhood obesity. In 2004, he created ‘Move to the Groove’ which is designed to get both teachers and students up on their feet and in shape. Less like gym class and more like play, this dance-fitness program is already being used in several local elementary schools,” they said.

So aside from getting a new house, the show’s producers have also redesigned an old ice cream truck to make “Move to the Groove” more accessible to school kids in the area. It is people like Arboleda's that can help children “move” out of obesity.