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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Moms with Mental Illness


Many people with mental illness tend to feel alone, isolated and feelings of depression. Perhaps one of the best mother’s day gift idea’s you can offer is if you live near your mother, you can invite her to a meal out or even offer to cook her a meal of her choice. A friendly visit and nice food may help with the loneliness that mentally ill people often suffer from.

Another great Mother’s Day gift idea is to offer your mother a CD or gift card for i-Tunes. Music can sooth the soul and many people with mental health issues found peace of mind and comfort in music. in fact, research Department of Psychiatry in Sweden completed a study where music helped people be calm with schizophrenia, depressive and manic psychosis, obsessive, depressive, and anxiety disorders.

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* Tips For Making Mother's Day Heart Healthy

Be sure to ask your mother what some of her favorite music is and be clear how she listens to music. She may prefer a CD or perhaps in an MP3 format so she can listen on her i-pod. An i-Pod can be a great Mother’s Day gift and they are now affordable. These fun little devices are simple to use and offer an abundance of variety and hours of pleasure. Some people may find chipping in with other siblings might be a more affordable way to get mom that special gift at a lower cost.

People with mental health issues sometimes find comfort in small trinkets given to them by someone special. Trinkets aren't considered valuable yet they can prove very valuable to people. A trinket can be anything such as a small piece of jewelry, a magnet with a saying on it, a special rock or stone, a small photo frame with your picture in it, or a small box with something special in it. This is an opportunity to be creative with your Mother’s day gift idea.

Maybe the greatest Mother’s Day gift idea is one that is free of charge. Because relationships are often strained with a parent with mental illness, and there may be quite a bit of resentment and conflict between both mother and child, the best Mother’s Day gift for the mom that suffers from a mental health disorder could simply be telling your mother how much she means to you. Because of the shame and stigma, this gift can go a long way in the relationship between mother and child.