Mother's Day Gift Ideas for The Caretaker Mom


Many mothers are caregivers to their family members such as an ailing parent or spouse. So what would be some good Mother’s Days gift ideas for the mother who is a caregiver?

Many women in our society end up being caregivers to family members such as an ailing parent or spouse. These wonderful women who are mothers require lots of love and attention.

Research has concluded that caregivers have higher rates of illness and that their lives are stressful physically, emotionally and psychologically. They rarely get breaks and are always on the go trying to maintain family, friends, work and their care giving.

So what would be the perfect gift for mothers who are caregivers? Well the first gift would be to give mom a break. Let her have a special day out on the town. Hire a respite agency or have family or friends come over and give mom the gift of a day away.

Speaking of time and being away, give mom your gift of time. Since caregiving takes away time offer to help around the house. Give mom a gift card that you made that you will cook meals, run errands, or simply just give her an amount of time that you are willing to give.


Another Mother’s Day gift idea would be to give her a motivational book. There are many motivational books so try to select one that will help her cope and deal with the situation she is currently going through. If she is helping an aging parent, there are motivational books for that. If she is dealing with a husband with caner, there are books to inspire her. In today’s world there are motivation books for almost everything.

Hiring a housekeeper for the day would be a wonderful gift for the mother that has to be caregiver all day. There are many services that are affordable and mom could use a break from the every day mundane chores.

Finally since caregiving requires nonstop demands and responsibilities, give mom a gift certificate to get a massage. The stress and strain of care giving can be demanding on the mind the body and the spirit and a good massage will allow her to relax and feel pampered and cared for. The Mayo clinic states that massage is a great stress reliever, helps anxiety, boosts the immune system, helps control blood pressure and depression.

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Caregiving is a hard job, and it can take its toll. It is currently estimated that half of all the caregivers in our country suffer from prolonged depression while assuming the responsibility of caring for their loved one. SO be sure to give the mother who is a caregiver, a gift that will make her feel cared for.


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I want to take my mother for outing for the entire day that will be my gift for her on Mother's day .So can U suggest some ideas how should I plan the day?
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Great ideas for Mother's day! Found another nice thing for Mother's Day at, where you can send an e-card that makes a difference for someone else's mother too.
A day or week of respite care is a GREAT idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Visit to find an adult day care center in your area and call to make arrangements for your loved one to come in for just an afternoon or morning, or even an entire week. We’d love to help give the Mother in your life a well deserved break!