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Limiting TV Time Makes Kids Active


There is nothing new about the study that just came out about setting limits on watching television. Studies continue to demonstrate that parents need to limit children’s time on the TV and computer, however, parents still fail to do so and more studies are continually being done to help our children become more active and fight obesity and health problems.

The latest study published in the July issue of Pediatrics states that more than 27% of youths 9-15 exceeded the recommended limit of screen time. The study also found that children spent more time being physically active, whether on organized sports teams or in free-time play, were less likely to go over time limits.

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The findings also discovered that boys, African-American children, and children from lower-income families exceeded the limit more than other groups.

In a study completed in March 2010 at New Zealand's University of Otago, researchers found that spending hours in front of the television or PC damages children’s' relationships with their friends and parents.

It is important that parents explain to their kids that it is vital that they sit less and move more in order to stay at a healthy weight. Another step parents can take is when the kids do spend time in front of the screen, do something active. Most important it is highly recommended that parents don’t put a TV or computer in their child's bedroom. Kids who have TVs in their room tend to watch about 1.5 hours more TV a day than those that don’t. Plus, it keeps them in their room instead of spending time with the rest of the family.

Researchers suggest watching TV can become a habit, making it easy to forget what else is out there. Researchers say parents and children need to be aware that limits are important, and that educating adults about screen time recommendations might promote physical activity of kids.