Judge Holds McDonalds Responsible for Weight Gain


McDonalds did not hold a former store manager down in Brazil and demand he ate until he gained 65 pounds, but Judge Joao Filho ruled on the lawsuit brought against the company by the 32-year-old former employee on Oct. 26, declaring that McDonald's should pay $17,500 because the employee ballooned from about 155 lbs. to 231 lbs. while working at the restaurant.

This could dramatically affect fast food

The plaintiff said that because McDonald's hired undercover customers to randomly visit restaurants and report back on quality, he felt forced to taste everything on the menu to ensure the food was up to par. He said he was also given free lunches of burgers, fries and ice cream, which contributed to his excessive weight gain during the course of employment.


"We're disappointed with this preliminary court ruling, as it's not an accurate representation of our highly regarded work environment and culture," said a spokesperson from McDonald’s. The company also said the court’s ruling gives a wrong picture of their work environment.

This is not the first time they have been in the news this year. In June, the Center for Science and the Public Interest (CSPI) threatened to sue McDonald’s over the use of toys to promote Happy Meals. According to Gardner, McDonald’s is using the Happy Meal toys, which often promote movies, to deceptively market unhealthy food to children, who in turn beg their parents to take them to the restaurant. It is said that kids under the age of eight do not understand that they are being advertised to."

McDonald's is not responsible for the way Americans eat. But the inescapable fact is that it serves an enormous number of them. The $21.6 billion company now feeds a record 27 million people every day. McDonald's has more than 32000 restaurants in more than 100 countries with a workforce of more than 400000 employees.

If the world's largest restaurant fails to satisfactorily counter the ex-manager’s claims in court, other employees may also file suits against them.


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