Gyms and Germs How to Stay Safe


Gyms help you get in shape and stay in shape; however gyms and germs go hand in hand. A recent paper that was published by the National Athletic Trainers' Association offers some great advice how to avoid germs. The paper says it's crucial that you wipe down machines, mats, and anything else that you touch. The report also covered showers and towels.

The Early Show that aired Saturday August 7, 2010 had a gust Dr. Kavita Mariwala who offered people some very important tips. First, Mariwala stated there are three top places where you can get infection.

The first one is the shower. Be sure to wear shower shoes because you can get athlete's foot if you don't wear shower shoes. Another caution should be taken when using yago mats. You can get Folliculitis. It is caused when people sweat on the mats. If it doesn’t get wiped down, bacteria form their pores can get transmitted to you once you make contact with the mat. That can infect your skin and it can show up in the form of pimples, a blanket of pimples.

Finally exercise machines have a lot of resident bacteria. If you have any open cuts or abrasions, it is important to be sure you keep them covered. You don't catch one specific thing from the machines, however, it must be noted that studies show that this is the most germiest place in the gym.


This doesn’t mean you have to quit working out at the gym. Mariwala says the best thing you can do is wash your hands frequently. Make sure you wash your hands every time after you work out.

If you do yoga or use a mat, wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes, especially the part you expect to be lying on, and let it dry. It might be best just to buy your own mat and take care of it yourself.

As far as wiping thing down and washing yourself, it's best to go with anti-microbial instead of antibacterial soaps, because you're hitting all classes of germs: fungal, bacterial, and viral.

Finally a great tips is to use two gym bags, one for your dirty clothes and one for your clean clothes. That separates what's dirty and what's clean, so germs don't sit and incubate or spread. Use machine-washable bags and wash them after every two to three trips to the gym.

Stay safe at the gym, work out, feel good and avoid infections by takeing a few steps. It is important to remember that gyms and germs go hand in hand and there are stapes you can take to remain safe.



Hygiene is very important in fighting this disease, but health status is. If you have a well trained body disease is not so easily reach you. just doing sports and eating more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins.