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Eat Healthy Food on Cinco De Mayo


Cinco de Mayo is on May Fifth and is a special symbol for Hispanic people who celebrate their rights of freedom and liberty, honoring those who fought and won against greater odds. Part of the celebration includes lots of food and drink.

People like Mexican food, in fact, if you ask the average American if he likes Mexican food they will probably tell you that they ate it last week. Mexican dishes has become one of the three most popular cuisines in the U.S., with nearly 90% of the total population having tasted it.

Some people say that Mexican food is unhealthy for you because of all the frying and fats. However, if you love Mexican food but think it's bad for you, think again. A new study shows that the right Mexican food might actually prevent cancer, Dr. Bruce Hensel reported.

"Lots of fried beans and cheese and a lot of meat are still bad for most of us, but this new research says not all Mexican food is bad. What you shop for and how you cook it can make it good for you," Dr. Hensel said.

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New research shows that the rate of breast cancer among Hispanic women is less than that of non-Hispanic white women. The rate of breast cancer is lowest among women who eat a native Mexican diet.

The problem is, we need to be sure we do not mistake native Mexican food for the high-fat, low-fiber Americanized version of Mexican food.

Dietician Sue Cunningham says the native diets is different: "The native Mexican diet would have an abundance of fruits and vegetables, beans. They would have tomato-based sauces and lower fat Mexican cheese."

There are ways you can make sure you are eating healthy Mexican food. First, stay away from the sour cream! Add Guacamole or salsa and avoid the fatty dairy. Fill up your burro or taco with lots of raw vegetables like lettuce, onions, and tomatoes because they fill you up and add vitamins, so you can go heavy on those, but go very light on the cheeses, beans, rice, and meats that are full of fat.

Burritos can be a carb overload after you add up the tortilla (a large tortilla alone can be over 300 calories), rice, and beans. So order the burrito, but undress it and just eat bites of the tortilla and enjoy the gifts wrapped inside. The same with taco’s and other foods wrapped in carbs.

According to Journal of Clinical Nutrition, traditional Mexican food is very healthy for you. Just remember if it is dripping and oozing with cheese and grease, then it is not traditional Mexican food but its evil twin Tex-Mex, which is fatty, greasy and unhealthy. So this Cinco De Mayo, eat health and drink safely.