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The Difficult Task of Being A Sober Celebrity


With Lindsay Lohan entering rehab today, focus appears to be on celebrity rehab and that can make recovery difficult and in today’s world, it appears rehab is star studded. People such as Robert Downey Jr., Whitney Houston, Drew Barrymore, Gary Busey, Kate Moss, Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen are in the public eye, which can be a difficult task.

Celebrity Rehab Recovery Difficult

It is difficult though to ignore the level of media coverage that celebrities get when they enter rehab. Celebrities have found their way through the doors of rehab centers, which is a personal manner, being viewed as a very public manner. This can make recovery almost impossible.

Once celebrities are out of rehab, they have to face the concerns of everywhere they go they are watched and are in the public eye. For many celebrities this might be prevent them from being able to openly share their feelings in certain meetings, with the honesty needed to fully recover.

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Sometimes, the difficult task of being a celebrity in rehab comes when they return to their family, friends, work pressures. Many celebrities can, and do, get anything their hearts desire, which is part of the problem. Being surrounded by people who will do “anything” for a celebrity can often ends in a trip back into rehab.

Research in Social Psychology indicated that celebrities are twice as likely to have alcohol/drug related problems. The study concluded that certain personality types are linked between star status and addiction. The study further stated that celebrities tend to have "strong neurotic and extroverted tendencies", while beneficial for their careers, it can make them highly co-dependent on what others think of them, resulting in mood swings often triggering compulsive behavior.

A lot is at stake when a celebrity is trying to get sober. Whether it's a political campaign, a new movie or a recording an album for release, not everyone involved with the celebrity is accepting when they need to take time out for group therapy or to stay away from events where liquor is served.

Entering rehab is not easy and staying and keeping sober is even more difficult if you are a celebrity. It is not impossible and people such as Demi Moore, Eric Clapton, Stephen King, Elton John, Eminem, Robert Downey Jr., Ringo Starr, and Ted Nugent, have all battle sobriety successfully.