Americans Are Consuming Alcohol More than Ever


According to the results of a new Gallup poll, the number of Americans who drink alcohol is at its highest point and beer seems to be the alcoholic beverage Americans are gulping down.

Alcohol Consumption in USA

The poll also showed that Americans consumption with alcohol showed that more money you make, the more likely you are to be a drinker. Gallup showed that 81 percent of people making 75,000+ dollars per year said they drank, followed in descending order by lower incomes until only 46 percent of those making less than 20,000 dollars said they drank.

No surprise when the poll found that religion had a bearing on people and their drinking habits. People attending church regularly drinking the least 61 percent of Protestants, 78 percent of Catholics, compared to 80 percent of non-religious people.


This alcohol consumption poll further found that people who had a college education were more prone to drink than those who did not attend college.

By age, alcoholic beverages were most favored by 18-54-year-olds (72 percent), followed by the 55 and older crowd (59 percent), Gallup found in its July 8-18 survey of 1,020 adults.

They survey, on alcohol consumption, which Alcohol is a $100 billion business in America, was conducted July 8th through 11th and involved telephone interviews with 1020 American adults. Gallup first started keeping track, during the tail end of the Great Depression in 1939, 58% of adults said they drank alcohol.

The nation's low came in 1958, when only 55% identified themselves as alcohol drinkers. The all time high was between 1976 and 1978. In those years, on the heels of the 1973 oil crisis and subsequent stock market crash, 71% of Americans admitted to drinking.