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Panic Over Swine Flu Vaccination

Flu vaccine shot

As cities line up for swine flu vaccination, panic is happening world wide. Since the Spanish Influenza of 1917 it is said that anywhere from 20 million to 50 million people had died from that strain of flu. People are afraid and have panic over the swine flu vaccination.

Many researchers and doctors now understand that the Swine flu has the potential to be more deadly to more people than normal flu viruses. The important thing to remember is do not panic, simply prepare. The government may have as many as 120 million doses of swine flu vaccine available sometime in October and thought that is not enough to protect an entire nation; it is a clear start to help reduce the spread and protect our nation.

When people panic they may experience a rapid heart beat or palpitations. It might be difficult to catch your breathe and you may feel dizzy and light headed. Chills and hot flashes will follow along with sweating and shaking. Soon thoughts become disorientated and a person may feel “out of control”. This sort of panic will not help in the epidemic panic over the swine flu and its vaccination.

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In order to help ease a nation filled with panic over the swine flu vaccination, people need to try to become aware of what is happening. Urging people to have confidence and try to keep everything in perspective is vital at this time. When a person displays symptoms of panic, it is difficult to see the entire picture. If people remain calm and aware of their surroundings, they will discover that the panic over the swine flu vaccination will not help them in any way.

The word pandemic does not mean to panic; it simply means we should be prepared. Americans should speak to their doctors and take precautions. Maintain basic hygiene and follow official advice. If a doctor feels you are a candidate for the vaccine, then follow through. Right now the average American does not need to panic but pay attention to what is going on. Remember that panic effects the immune system and lowers our natural fight to combat viruses.

By being alert and educating yourself, there is no need to panic over the swine flu vaccinations. Keep up your immune system by simply taking care of yourself during this time. Flu season is a time to take extra precautions, not to indulge in panic.

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