Go Red Today! Be Aware if You Dare


People will be wearing their super bowl jersey’s this week but be sure the real team you want to win this year is for women’s heart health. EmaxHealth, The American Heart Association and millions of health care workers want people to wear red today and spread the word that heart disease in woman can be tamed.

Friday, February 5th, has been designated “National Wear Red Day.” Red is the American Heart Association’s color for women and heart disease. “We need a bold color like red to draw attention to heart disease, which is women’s greatest health threat,” says Suzanne Sorof, MD, a Phoenix-area cardiologist and president of the American Heart Association board of directors. “Red symbolizes women’s power to take control of their health and passion for the women whose lives have been affected.”


The yearly Go Red Campaign is aimed at raising women's awareness of the illness, and the numbers are staggering. More women die of heart disease than the next five causes of death combined – and that includes all forms of cancer – but, surprisingly, most women don't believe they're at risk.

"Women need to know that they have a one in three chance of dying of a heart attack," Dr. Lori Croft, of Mount Sinai Medical Center, said. Dr. Croft, a cardiologist, is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She says that, for women, crushing chest pain isn't the only sign of a heart attack.

Heart disease and stroke claim more women’s lives each year than the next seven causes of death combined, and nearly twice as many as all forms of cancer, including breast cancer,” said Dr. Sorof. “Here in Arizona, more than 4500 women died from heart disease in 2008.”

Wear red today and make a bold statement that heart health is important. So go red.