'Tis the Season for Calming Teas


Christmas Eve and there is so much to do. Gifts must be wrapped, shopping is not done, people are coming in town, kids are way too excited and had one too many chocolate Santa’s to eat and you are on your last nerve, what do you do?

There are a variety of calming herbs and teas that can help you relax. Chamomile tea is a great way to calm the nerves. Glycine, an amino acid in chamomile, acts a nerve relaxant. It taste great and add a little peppermint or mint to give it a holiday touch. Kids love the taste of this wonderful tea as well and can be calming. Make it iced with a few cranberries or fruit floating on top.

Passionflower tea has anti-anxiety properties and can help sooth and calm. It can help relax muscles, improve blood circulation and help with headaches. Ashwagandha Tea is good for calming the nerves and helping with stress and nervous exhaustion. It helps clear the mind which can help improve memory because it does not feel cluttered. It is a very good calming tea.


Skullcap tea is not only good for calming nerves it can help women who have PMS. This wonderful tea can help relax tense muscles and even help with muscle spasms. It also helps reduce irritability. Mint teas have a wonderful aroma and a warm cup can help sooth and calm nerves.

Ginseng tea is good for a variety of reasons. It helps clear mental exhaustion which is bound to happen over the holiday season and can almost immediately reduce stress. In addition, this wonderful tea can help build your immune system, helps with mental and physical fatigue, and has an overall calming effect. Ginseng tea has many health benefits as well. So pour yourself a nice warm cup, and maybe pick up a few packages to give as calming gifts.

Of course valerian tea is wonderful for tension, stress, anxiety and nerves. Though not the greatest tasting tea, flavors can be added to this to make it taste a little more pleasing. If you have a difficult time sleeping, this teas will definitely do the trick.

Calming teas can be wonderful not just during this time of year but anytime you need to calm and relaxed. Stress relieving teas help to bring the stress hormones back to normal levels. So when you begin to feel overwhelmed over the holiday season, stop what you are doing for a moment and make a nice cup of tea.