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Lobbying for Healthy School Lunches

School Lunch

How do you get people to pay attention to what our children are eating in school? You have an eat-in, and that is just what happened this Labor Day. The picnic-style lunch is aimed to encourage healthy eating in schools. All 50 states are hosting eat-ins in various cities. "It's not just about our kids, but the country's kids, a healthier future for them," said Rachel Horner Brackett, co-leader of Slow Food Iowa City. America is beginning to Lobby for healthier school lunches.

President Truman signed the School Lunch Act 53 years ago. At the signing ceremony he said, "In the long view, no nation is healthier than its children, or more prosperous than its farmers." The eat-in is a plea from Slow Food USA, an organization that promotes healthy food, to change the way schools feed our children. It is clear that the School Lunch Act has failed and today parents are lobbying for healthy lunches for our children.

Studies have shown that one in three children born after 2000 will develop diabetes before they can vote. Among minorities, the number is one in two, Friese said.

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Slow Food is lobbying for healthier school lunches because they believe it will reduce childhood obesity and chronic diseases that often are a result of being overweight.

The Time for Lunch program is asking people to talk to their legislators and see if they would allocate a sum of $1 per day per child for lunch. The way we feed our kids is a reflection of our values. By increasing it by$1 a day, this could allow schools to eat from local food, which typically is more expensive than the mass-produced lunches often served in schools.

Founded in 1986, the name "Slow Food" was chosen to contrast with the "fast food" values often demonstrated by an industrial society. Slow Food encourages a way of life that values quality over speed; process as well as product. By placing the importance community interaction and the enjoyment at the table, Slow Food in Schools is trying to lobby for healthier school lunches.

The campaign further seeks to protect against foods that put children at risk by setting up strong standards for food sold at various schools which includes vending machine eatables and school fast food. Over three hundred eat-ins took place on Labor Day and people enjoyed the flavors as they lobbied for healthier school lunches.