Hollywood tackles health insurance reform


By yesterday afternoon, mailboxes, facebook, twitter and every other social online network was filled with the new online ad. It looks as though Hollywood is going to tackle healthcare and health insurance reform.

The ad came out yesterday September 22 by moveon.org and was viewed by more than 700,000 people by the end of the day. What is the message that is in the ad? Hollywood is going to start to tackle healthcare reform.

The video opens with Jon Hamm, star of TV’s “Mad Men,” saying, “Something terrible is happening.” Ferrell steps in stating. “The terrible thing is that health insurance executives are getting a bum rap.” Stars including Olivia Wilde of “House,” Masi Oka of “Heroes,” Donald Faison of “Scrubs,” and Linda Cardellini of “ER,” offer the tongue in check admonition that “we need to remember who the real victims are – health insurance executives.”

Ferrell sarcastically asks, “So why is Obama trying to reform health care when insurance companies are doing just fine making millions of dollars of profit?” The video continues with an actor saying, “Insurance companies need our support because they keep our selfish priorities in check when we can’t.” Will Ferrell returns to the screen to say, “Insurance companies are detailed enough to reject claims for things like typos. If you spell something wrong, do you really deserve surgery? I don’t think so.” The video then closes urging viewers to “Call Congress: tell them we need a strong public health insurance option.”


The video came out on the webpage the same day the Senate Finance Committee began hearings on Chairman Max Baucus of Montana’s draft health care reform legislation. The so-called chairman’s mark does not include the public health insurance option Ferrell and his Hollywood pals are now tackling healthcare reform.

Baucus did announce Tuesday that there were several new measures to make health insurance more affordable for working families, including increased subsidies for lower income families, limits on additional charges insurance companies can impose on older workers, and lower penalties on those who defy rules requiring them to buy insurance.

It is unclear if this video will sway a divided America on healthcare reform however; the executives for MoveOn.org feel that this campaign will affect younger adults more than any other demographic. Younger adults are the audience the campaign is trying to reach, seeing as they are mostly ignored in the health insurance debate.

New York Times

Tyler Woods Ph.D.
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