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Americans Fear Confidential Issues Concerning Mental Health


Depression, anxiety, addictions, whatever the issues may be, Americans are hesitant getting proper treatment because they fear their issues wont be confidential. The American Psychiatric Association has completed a survey and discovered that many people have big fears about losing their status at work and about confidentiality.

Sadly, for these reasons American workers hesitate to seek treatment for mental health issue. Mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and addictions are very treatable however those people will not get the treatment they need strictly out of fear.

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More than 40 percent of the 1,129 respondents said their employer was supportive or extremely supportive of their workers seeking care for health concerns. However, the online survey also found that barriers persist for workers who said their workplace is unsupportive of employees seeking treatment, especially for mental health concerns.

The study stated, "Among those surveyed, 76 percent felt their work status would be damaged if they sought treatment for drug addiction, compared to "73 percent (who felt that way) for alcoholism, and 62 percent for depression, compared with 55 percent who thought seeking care for diabetes would affect their work status and 54 percent for heart disease."

Many work places offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP). These EAP’s are worksite resource for organizations designed to enhance employee health and productivity through prevention, identification, and resolution of personal and family problems that might interfere with work. EAP’s deal with depression, addictions, marital problems and most mental health issues and are based strictly on confidentiality.