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National Survivors of Suicide Day Successful


Suicide survivors met in more than 200 U.S. cities Saturday. They had plenty of reason to get together and walk. They have lost someone to suicide and they know and understand that suicide in this country is among the leading causes of death for people under 55, according to government statistics.

The walk was successful in each city that held the walks and special events. Walking was not the only event on the on the agenda for National Survivors of Suicide day. There were also 230 simultaneous conferences for survivors of suicide that took place throughout the U.S. and internationally. This unique network of healing conferences helps survivors connect with others who have survived the tragedy of suicide loss, and express and understand the powerful emotions they experience.

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It is estimated that over 33,000 Americans take their own lives yearly. For every death, it is said there is 6-10 survivors. The survivors are left with guilt, shame and the taboo of suicide and not a lot of support.

When a suicide occurs in a community, countless people may be impacted and research shows that people who know someone who has died by suicide are at greater risk of suicide or attempting suicide themselves. The stigma that surrounds suicide can be so intense that survivors often feel they can not deal with their pain without being blamed or judged. As a result of the taboo and misunderstanding, survivors of suicide deaths are often left with a feeling of abandonment at a time when they desperately need unconditional support and understanding and these events successfully bring about awareness.

The National Sponsor for this walk is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. National Suicide Survivor's Day is part of a growing movement toward educating the public about suicide and its aftermath and each year become more successful.