Glee Summer Camps Might Be Something to Sing About


Millions of people seem to be obsessed with the hit TV show Glee and there are Glee summer camps popping up all over this summer. The Glee craze is happening everywhere. Not just on your local TV stations, but in summer camps across the country. These camps are offering campers of all ages the chance to learn song and dance routines from the Fox show Glee. Sessions cost anywhere from $149 for one week to $450 for two weeks.

Tracy Davis Davenport who is heading up a week-long Glee camp in June says, “With public schools cutting fine arts programs in her county, Davenport says, Glee camp will provide the motivation kids need to continue singing and dancing.”


Ann Sheets, past president of the American Camp Association, says 10 million kids attend camps in the U.S. every summer. She stated that a lot of camps this year will be incorporate songs and dances from Glee in programs this summer.

A music center in Crofton, Md., is organizing a different kind of camp. Campers will not be singing or dancing to songs from the show, but camp co-director Denise Singh of the Kindermusik Arts Center says Glee was the inspiration for their "singers boot camp" newly offered this year. Singh says “I think that's the thing that strikes about Glee, and the thing that has been so popular is that the songs are so singable and that when people watch it, or sing it, or hear it, they want to sing along."

Since it premiered in the US a year ago, Glee has already won the Golden Globe for best musical or comedy television series, and its audience figures went through the roof when it returned to TV in April. Glee has proved that musicals and television are not mutually incompatible.

Sing a long or not, summer camps might be singing in profits this year as Glee camps might out do Disney and Lego land as children sing and their way through the summer.


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Thank you for mentioning our summer Glee Camp! Yes, Tracy Davis Davenport is heading up Glee Camp at Charlotte Academy of Music this summer in Matthews, NC. Our first session just finished, and now we are looking forward to our August Glee Camp!