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Holidays Don’t Have to be About Spending Money


Originally, the holidays are about the four F’s, food, family, friends and fun. It was never about black Friday or cyber Monday because that sure can make people have a blue Tuesday. So try not to stress if you do not have the money to buy everyone gifts this year. Bring back the original meaning of holidays and spend less by giving from the heart rather than the pocket book.

Holidays don’t have to be about spending money. There is no need to stress and go in debt for a sale or to make someone happy. Holidays should be about being thankful for what we have not for what we want. Once you make a decision to stop spending so much, and creating new traditions of giving from the heart you would be surprised how it could help reduce your stress levels.

Stress is a response to events that make you feel threatened or fearful and can cause health problems such as heart disease, pain, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, high blood pressure, stroke, and depression to name only a few of the health problems. So this holiday season, don’t stress about spending money.

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Homemade gifts are a wonderful way to save money and give from your heart. It can also be a great way to spend time with family and friends creating gifts to give. These homemade treasures can be anything from making gratitude journals to making a photo book, to designing custom made music mixes from your collection, making customized calendars or adding light to the subject and making lovely scented candles and even creating a recipe book.

Speaking of recipes, homemade gifts from the kitchen can be priceless and an affordable way to gift someone. Homemade candies, breads, salsa’s, BBQ rubs, cakes, cookies and candies are a fun treat to make as well as a great treat to eat. You can also accommodate people with food restrictions such as people who are diabetic or have certain food sensitivities.

Making gift certificates of yourself are great gifts to give and cost no money, just a bit of your time. Offering someone gift certificates for your services gives a piece of you. You can offer to cook someone’s favorite meal, or cleaning the house or yard, offer a backrub, and some parents would love a gift certificate for a babysitter for the night. Kids would go crazy for a free gift certificate where you clean their room for a day, or do one of their chores for a week. All these idea’s cost only a bit of your time and your imagination.

So this year avoid stress and spending and bring back the tradition of the four F’s, food, family, friends and fun and don’t make holidays all about spending money. Give from your heart, it lasts a lot longer, cost a lot less and has much more meaning knowing it came from you.