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Life's Golden Ticket: Viewing Issues From Safe Place

Life's Golden Ticket

Life's Golden Ticket by life coach and business man Brendon Burchard is an inspirational book, much like the Five People You Meet in Heaven only rather than heaven you are at a closed down carnival that comes to life and discover truths and lessons about life.

The good thing about this book is it can help people look at their issues from a safe place. Though there is nothing new about Burchard’s style of writing, inspirational parable about Henry, a man who is unhappy and feels so trapped in his life that he cannot see any possibilities to a happier life. An accident makes his fiancée Mary almost die and in the process she hands him a golden ticket and sends him on a journey to an old amusement park which has been closed for 20 years. Henry goes on the quest and a transformation takes place.

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Henry meets a groundskeeper and they try to uncover what happened to Mary. In the process Henry discovers himself by encountering a truth booth where his deceased mother offers him positive advice, then a wizard helps him see how inadequate he feels. Along his path he will encounter a variety of people and rides such as a hypnotist, the hall of mirrors, the bumper boats with some harsh truths, a lion tamer the tunnel of love as well as other carnival games and events that help Henry open his eyes, soften his heart and become aware of the possibilities that life can offer him.

This is a great book for people who are depressed, or grieving, or people who are working through issues with family and friends or simply feel stuck in their jobs or their life. Teens as well as adults will love this book. Life’s Golden Ticket offers people inspirational lessons in a very quick, creative and fun read and would make a great gift for the holidays.

Written by Tyler Woods, Ph.D