Target's 2009 After Christmas Sale to Feature Tony's Little Gazelle Edge Fitness System

Tony Little Gazelle Edge Fitness System part of Target day after christmas sale

It was a good thing Target was closed on Christmas day because today they will be scrambling to deal with returns and the after Christmas sales. One of the items for sale is Tony’s Little Gazelle Edge Fitness System. It will be marked down from 99.99 to 79.99.

Tony Little Gazelle Edge Fitness System is a home aerobic/ resistance training system. It is equipped with a dual-action split suspension feature that provides complete range of motion for a thorough yet low-impact workout.


This fitness system can help burn calories and tone muscles. For such a low impact work out it even helps you do 10 cardio, stretching and body sculpting moves using one machine. Its heavy-duty steel frame is built to hold up to 250 lbs. and it has broad, non-slip pedals. It is durable and made of steel tubing, molded plastic and foam.

Can an exercise device which works both the upper and lower body while giving you great cardiovascular workout to burn calories, reducing fat and shedding pounds really work? People who have tested Tony Little Gazelle Edge Fitness System state it is a good alternative to a treadmill.

Tony little’s Gazelle works almost every muscle in your body. It works the chest, buttocks, legs, back and arms. It can tone and firm the whole body and you can utilize the equipment to run, walk, ski, stretch and tone. It is lightweight for the most part and folds and can be stored easily.

If you plan on going out today and participate in the second largest shopping day. Target’s sale price on the Tony Little Gazelle Edge Fitness System could make the trip worth the while. Using this machine can help burn some of those calories that that extra piece of pie might have produced.