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Turn Your Ipod Touch into a Healthy Gift

iPod Touch as Healthy Gadget

Apple has sold over 20 million IPods from January 2009 to September 2009 which means many people awoke today to open this fun gadget. The IPod touch just isn’t for listening to music or playing games. If you visit the apps store be sure to look at the healthy applications that the IPod touch can offer you to stay fit and in better health.

First there is the app called steps and it can calculate the number of steps, average speed, total distance, and total calories burned. You will need that after you have gone to a fun restaurant to eat a meal. That is why the restaurant nutrition app is a good idea. It allows you to easily view nutritional information about restaurant menus and track what you have eaten. It can also synchronize your personal meal entries with the Foundation HealthCare Network’s web site and download updated data as it is available.

Other health applications can include Gyminee, which helps you keep track of your his fitness. WeightDate makes it simple to track your weight over time. Calories Burned Calculator will figure out how many calories you are burning. IPoint calculator allows people in Weight Watchers to count their points easily. SugarTracker can help diabetics make sure they are not consuming too much sugar.

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If you want to stay fit try Pump10 as it allows you to access workout videos that you can watch right on IPod or you can use the app MoboVivo which download loads fitness videos from their site and watch them on your IPod. PocketFit Exercise is a gym in your pocket and offers you excerise programs and trackers.

If you want to relax and get inspired then Yogi Says gives inspirational quotes from the Amrit Yoga Institution using this tool. Perhaps the Zen Timer app might be good for you. It gives you a few minutes of peace and relaxation each day. The Meditation Timer can be used to help you fit in meditation in your day. If you are just tired and can’t get sleep, then get Bob’s Sheep Counter and count animated sheep.

The IPod touch can help you not only stay healthy but maintain health. iRx is a pharmaceutical reference tool that allows medical professionals or patients to get information from the FDA on a medications. Symptom Navigator will navigate you through a range of symptoms and letting you know if you should see a doctor or not. iPharmacy allows you to browse through thousands of drug descriptions, illness symptoms, and drug side effects. Medicinal is a more natural route to health and gives easy access to a database of medicinal herbs and their uses.

Be sure to explore your new IPod touch and its many uses. That small device you are holding in your hand can help you achieve optimal health.



All my gifts are coming together - the iphone, the meditation timer, and the meditationshift program. 2010 looks to be a year of change and mindfulness!