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Let's Move; Michelle Obama on a Mission to Help Childhood Obesity


We spend billions of dollars a year with health related issues that all stem from overweight and obesity. We are all too aware of what bullying and teasing does to overweight children and how it makes them feel about themselves. Because of this and understanding that one in three children are overweight, first lady Michelle Obama is on a mission to help schools and parents understand the physical and emotional dangers of childhood obesity.

The first lady is all too aware that children no longer walk to school as much; rather they take a bus or get a ride. She understands that children watch too much TV, play too many video games, snack too much and don’t get outside as much as they should. Sadly she also understands that busy parents go to the fast-food drive-through rather than cook a balanced dinner. She also fully understands that between the pressures of today's economy and the pace of modern life, the well-being of our children have been lost in the shuffle.

Most of us whether we are parents or not are all too aware that our children do not do this to themselves. They do not decide what the schools or their parents will serve them to eat. They do not decide if the school has time for any sort of physical activity or not and clearly, our children are not the ones that are loading foods with sugars and salts and offering super sized portions.

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This is why Michelle Obama is getting the involvement of community leaders, teachers, doctors, nurses, moms and dads, entertainers and sports figures in a nationwide campaign to confront the challenges of childhood obesity. The program is called Let’s Move and the goal sounds simple, to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation.

Let’s Move has four components to it. First, it offers parents the tools and information they need to make better decisions about their children's nutrition. Second, it wants to get healthier foods in the schools, which might happen because president Obama has proposed a $10 billion increase in funding when the Child Nutrition Act. Third, is to begin to look at the accessibility and affordability of healthy foods. Finally the fourth process is simple, get our children moving.

By doing simple things such as turn off the TV and turn on the radio and having your children dance, or having kids walk to school, or busy parents actually cooking a balanced meal at home several days a week. These little tasks can make a huge difference in our children’s health care.

Yes, first lady Michelle Obama is on a mission to help parents, schools, and the community to battle childhood obesity and her mission might be one that can save Americans for a long time to come. Visit Let’s Move and help the first lady battle a real war on childhood obesity.



I agree - ground support is what's required. Naysayers please stand aside unless you have a better plan to combat childhood obesity.
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